Rise of the Runelords

Turns out Holes are a pressing matter

Lamashtu_holy_symbol.jpg After the “heartfelt” reunion between the party and Kree And two brief introductions, the group was urged toward Sandpoint with rescued vagrants in tow.

The celebration In the Rusty Dragon was cut short for the heroes as more troubling news reached them through Father Zantus. Roughly the same time that the dreaded Mokmurian was slain, a sinkhole opened under a portion of Sandpoint Garrison after a rather vicious earthquake. Eight men were sent in to the tunnels under Sandpoint where the hole led. The only thing that came out were ghastly sounds and shrieks.

The severity of the situation was not taken lightly, but with a quick communion between Anna Sabel and her god Sarenrae, the party deemed that the threat could wait a few days as they went to recover and re-arm in Magnamar. They left one of their new acquaintances to guard the rift till the others returned.

The Communion proved true, and only sounds escaped the chasm. Argus Levinston led the way down into the dark, their way being paved with Lighted stones. When the party entered into an underground cathedral, only two remained to remember the great battle with a Quasit that transpired in this very room only a few months ago. The tunnels used to facilitate the Goblin raid on Sandpoint had changed. Deep cracks and seams tore through the walls of the tunnels. That, and a staircase that had previously been blocked by rubble was now blocked by thick spiderwebs.

After a quick fire, donated by the adventurers, consumed the webs, they journeyed on. It was noted that besides the webs, everything around this section had been thoroughly cleaned. The flight of stairs quickly and abruptly ended in a wall. Argus, however, cast about for hidden switches.

With a click and a grind, the clean wall slid to reveal another wall behind it, this time made of fog rather than rock. Afew lighted stones began to grace the room as the party threw in their pebbles and Argus slipped on his Fog-Cutting lenses. With a rope attached to him, he ventured into the room beyond.A long hall with pillars graced his sight, its walls carved with huge and small script alike, all in Thassilonian. What was more strange, however, was the whispers the room contained.

“Who are you” “Your worst nightmare, buddy.”

Argus tried to keep his air of bravado going untill a ghostly swish followed by the glint of a falchion slid above his head.

“Argus Levinston,” he replied with a gulp. “Who are you?” “I am the Scribbler. What has become of Thassilon?” “It fell thousands of years ago, after Earthfall.” “What power now rules?” “Varisia was disputed, but currently unruled.”

More questions followed in whispered tones as Argus continued. Soon he spied the end of the room, which held a dais in front of an image on the ground. It was later found that the image was a jakal with three eyes. Standing on the dais was a lone, human woman.

“Who are you?” Argus called, tugging the rest of the party along on the rope. “Come forward,” the woman said," and receive a reward for freeing us." “Do not trust her” Not heeding the whispers, Argus continued forward. “Why were you imprisoned here?” asked Argus. “We have only just arrived. Will you take your wish, or do you wish to ask more questions?” The woman seemed eager to be on her way. “Then as my wish, will you help us keep Runelord Karzoug from returning?” “Only if that helps the plans of our mistress,” she replied, almost smugly. “Is your Mistress Lamashtu?” The name hung in the air, almost floating in the fog. “ah, Lamashtu.”

with a wiff from the aether, the woman was gone. in her place hulked two Glabrezu. Their pincers clacked together like a chorus of hammers hitting anvils. with swift movements, battle commenced. At first, virtually no damage seemed to mar the twin demons, except the holy water tipping of Argus’s arrows. Soon, however, the massive strikes of Bleddyn and Anna Sabel . Zerelth used his summons to try to abate the clinging mist, yet it provd too strong. Gravity seemed to be on the side of the demons, as the party was flung up then down. During which one of our own tried to flee, but the path was blocked by a figure that could only be assumed was the Scribbler himself.

Alas, the day was won, as the first dropped, then another. After the fact, it was discovered that the Scribbler had vanished, and the heroes were left in a temple to Lamashtu.


Good holes in the ground are an adventuring commodity. Especially ones that allow you to go shopping for a few days before unleashing untold horror from the abyss on the town that has come to see you as saviors.


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