Rise of the Runelords

The Scribbler's Rant


Zee was plesantly suprised how effective his breath weapon was against the demon. The massive creature flared into thousands of ashen peices onto Lamashtus sigil. Zee knew that his contribution was part of a much larger group effort. Still, it seemed entirely appropiate to gloat in front of the stunned Bledyn. Sadly, he was too tired to bring anything to mind. The rest of the group echoed the settiment as they called out to one another in the fog shrouded room. Slowly they found their way together to regroup.

There was deep concern amoung the group. They were warned by Anna that this encounter would prove more difficult than most. It seemed that stone giants were not the only enemies they needed to concern themselves with anymore. “It would be wise for us to leave this place and return when we are better suited,” the cleric recommended. Bledyn stood aback, “Hold up, if I just get some proper healing I can do this all again.” The rest of the group could feel the glare. “If I did not have to babysit a bunch of suicidal tomb-robbers bent on taking a much damage as they possibly can.” Zee leaned over to Calmar, “She called you a baby. Hehe.” “Oh, so the job is too tough for you.” “Try not to hit the big ugly with your face next time.” Anna quiped. The dread feeling of dying no longer filled her anger. It was the thought of failing and what stood at stake. She was not sure if all the others knew what a Runelords riegn would be. She had no intention of being unprepared next time. “Well…” Bledyn thought of his own reply.

As the party discussion continued, Argus stood watch with his magical fog cutting lense. Glancing between the doorway they came and the vile shrine he noted the lack of doors. He also did not understand why his sense of dirrection was so bad in this place. And there was always the sense of somebody standing in the corner of his eye, vanishing everytime he tried to catch a glipse. And the voice, “I told you not to trust her. She was too anxious to torture you. Tell me, what interest do you have in the runelord? I knew them once. Is everyone on the surface as clumsy and naive as your friends? I know that is not true. The guards before you proved easier fodder for the hounds. You are not thinking about leaving are you?” it whispered.

Argus turned to the group and commanded, “We should leave this place.” The group ceased their discussion long enough for the voice to whisper back to everyone, “Too late.” And Argus could see their escape through the fog slowly become encased in darkness. “Something wicked this way comes.” Argus gritted. Zee, being confused, blurted, “So we are not leaving?”



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