Rise of the Runelords

The Ravenous Crypt

Zee's Glutony

The Thassilonian mummies took quite a beating before falling down. Their aged appearance beguiled the strength behind every one of their bludgeoning fist. The group was undeterred however and quickly dispatched the crypt denizens. Adventuring further into the ancient tomb, they discovered the looted burial chamber of Thassilonian nobles. Looted not of gold but of bodies. The pathway forked into three routes. THe first investigation yielded a clay golem that Zee gleefully was able to dispatch with the right handful of spells. the second investigation uncovered a portal to the negative plane. Once destroyed, the party suffered the mitigated wrath of a nightwing. That left one route to find the gardener to the macabre desiccation and reclamation of the dead.


The gardener should have been a skilled surgeon of necromancy power. Zee concluded that it did not add up once they dispatched the dread zombie. It was just another pawn behind the true power, where ever that may be. Now Zee felt hungry.



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