Rise of the Runelords

The Sandpoint Scuttlebutt

...where gossip and truth are the same


It was past mid-day when the town crier had to be replaced after loosing his voice. The Sandpoint Devil was no more. Mayor Devrin had sent a runner back to town earlier in the morning requesting a team with a strong wagon, leagues of rope, and a dozen men. She was on hand when the beast finally fell to witness the redeemed heroes of Sandpoint exploit. Her scheduled investigation with the local farmer’s ghoul problem ended with the smell of smoke and un-mistakeable baying of the Sandpoint Devil. Although harmed by the attempted rescue of those in the razed sanatorium, they stood fast against the bigger evil. Bleddyn of claws, Anna the scholar, Sanya de Groot, Vriska of the sea, Deg the half wit, Clamar the elf, and a hobbit named Auroun. It was an epic battle between hero and monster alike. The awesome burst of flame would have killed a lesser champion but not the Heroes of Sandpoint. Even the harshest critics of the heroes could not deny them this day. The beast was to be presented at the Red Dragon Inn until further accommodations could be made. The heroes were not able to stay as they had pressing orders to journey to Fort Rannik.

The sanatorium burned down but there were no survivors. The news of Erin’s involvement with a necromancer was buried under the bigger headline.



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