Rise of the Runelords

Ranseurs and Wrath

or The Vomitous Soiling of a Loincloth

After Bleeden defeated the ectoplasmic being, he took up the ranseur and returned from the direction he had come. Shortly, he came upon his companions, who were in search of him. Quickly relating the tale of his battle, the adventurers continued down the tunnel to where the battle took place.

Finding nothing of interest in the small chamber, their explorations continued. A small distance further the tunnel once again branched, with the northern tunnel ending in a visible breach into a constructed room. Deciding the room used to be a storage room of little import (based on the debris), they opened a door that led further into the complex, Brion taking point.

On the other side of the door they found a winding hall. Continuing West at the first junction, they found themselves staring at a north facing statue. The statue was comprised of red marble and featured “a strikingly beautifull, but … monstrously enraged human woman” who carried a book with a strange seven pointed star and a ranseur made of glittering metal and ivory. To the North, stairs led up, while to the South was an opening rejoining with the tunnel they were following earlier, and to the West was wooden door.

After determining they knew nothing about the woman in the statue, or the symbol on her book, they listened at the door and heard two voices arguing in strange tongue. Bursting through the door, the party found themselves on a platform overlooking a prison cell block. On the floor below were two more ectoplasmic beings.

Without wasting time, Brion ran along a walkway and flung himself over a rail, using the walkway to pivot at the last moment a deliver a painful kick to the face of the first target, while Bleeden through his recently acquired ranseur into the body of the other. Calmar struck one with a stream of ice, while the actions of Aarohn and Jaigo were immemorable to the narrator of this account. Swiftly mounting the stairs, the nearest foe sank his teeth into Jaigo’s leg, upon which Jaigo became so filled with rage that he immediately began to vomit, and continued to do so while his companions dispatched with their foes.

After noting that the walkway seemed to be preserved by ancient magic, the party followed it North to an ancient torture chamber, who’s implements were decayed beyond use. Opening a door to the East, they discovered a study with three doors leading to prison cells containing odd, misshapen humanoid skeletons. A quick spell to reveal local magic directed Calmar to a scroll hidden under a chair.

With Jaigo now recovered from his vomiting spell, everyone returned to the Torture chamber, and then continued through the northern door, descending a short staircase leading to a room with several covered pits. Prompted by soft moaning sounds emanating from the pits, the group opened one to reveal a zombie 20 feet below at the bottom. Scanning for magic revealed that the zombies were being preserved by some spell, but it quickly became apparent that it did not prevent them from being destroyed.

After dispensing with the zombies, the party filed down a hallway, noticing that a magic aura was issuing beyond a doorway at the end of the hall. Before arriving at the door, party turned North to discover a stairwell leading down, but completely blocked by fallen rubble.

Several members of the party have decided they need to clear the stairs and make their way down.



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