Rise of the Runelords

A Day in the Unlife

...silent but deadly

Avazen stood in silence overlooking his latest mistake. The Azlanti lich had a tendency to lick his lips when he was thinking. The pruned flesh had cracked a thousand times that week to his thinking. Still, the latest monstrosity was not coming out as he had envisioned; it resembled so many of his previous undead minions that he began to doubt his lust for unlife. Frustrated, Avazen floated to the cabinet and retrieved his fraken berry cereal. The need to eat had long been gone but he found the thought of crunching on the sugar coated marshmellows cathartic. He mulled over the lack of milk for a while until he noted an unsettling peace pervading the chamber. The normal ranting of his minions could not be heard in echos. And the web of negative energy that was no longer, failed to keep his crypt at a crisp 72 degrees. Most unusual.

The lich set to finding out what could be wrong. He stepped through a window in space and was immediately greeted by stepping into the remains of his once hungry lab servant. “That is a shame.” He quickly ventured further to the battery harnessing the negative plane to find it removed and destroyed. “Well I cannot replace that. At least not on my budget.” He even found the lump of a clay golem at the bottom of the catacomb, the gem eyes missing. He knew the problem he was facing… adventurers. He quietly floated back to his lair to find the solution, symbol of weakness. When you positively, absolutely have to destroy every tomb robber in the vicinity. Accept no substitution. Now all he had to do was wait.



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