Rise of the Runelords

Loot from Lyre and Tsuto

5 scrolls

  1. Scroll of Comprehend Languages
  2. Scroll of Minor Image
  3. Scroll of See Invisibility
  4. Scroll of Sleep
  5. Scroll of Whispering Wind
    dagger – 1gp 2sp
    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Everburning Torch
    fancy dress – 18gp
    pouch of artifacts – 3 sp for the pouch itself (the artifacts were mostly things like hair and fingernail clippings from Tsuto that Lyrie had been collecting).
    pearl earring – 30 gp
    Spell book
    ~5 lbs gold – 278 gp

composite short bow (+1) – 90 gp
mw flute – 60 gp
mw thief tool
pearl earring – 30 gp
6 gold dust pouch – 50 gp each
8 silver dust pouch – 5 gp each

mw scimitar – 189 gp
jade necklace – 36 gp
chain shirt – 60 gp
mw manacles
pouch full of malachite – 34 gp
fine gown – 90 gp
petty change ~ 150 lbs cp, 50 lbs sp, 89 gp, 3 pp

Cal, Anne please identify.

EDIT by Deg: Prices are complete

The Rise and Fall of Jaigo Mongwangi
...and nearly a TPK

Jaigo peered into the damp corridor shifting his eyes in the darkness. Several steps the stair well trickled with rain water. Mulling his prospects, the witch doctor called to his companions, “Stairs here!” He started his climb down without wait. Bledden did his best to steadily follow. Aaroun scampered next with Brion, Cal, and Anna in tow.

The beat of steady rain changed to a small din as the pathway rounded towards a warm glow of candle light. Cautiously the pack approached and investigated. The room was rather plain but nothing like the makeshift fort above, it was much older. Six doors lined the room in all directions, a pile of dog hides in the corner. The group fanned out to check each. As quiet as allowed, Bledden ventured to the far wall where three doors stood. Suddenly a large creature burst into the room, furry patches growing out of its hastily donned armor, its facial features pig like in nature. The bugbear announced himself with a roar. Immediately the witch doctor began his hexes. Frenzied moments passed too quickly. The warriors converged to attack while the spellcasters conserved their energy with ranged assaults. Growls and snorts of intimidation were not enough and soon it was obvious the bugbear had underestimated the adventures. The ranger finished the beast off with a powerful charge sending the creature across the room, barely missing Aaroun.

Relieved, the party looted the body and secured the beast’s room discovering his harem of four goblins. Not having time to risk release or interrogate, the best option was to lock them in an ancillary room. Further investigation of the doors revealed more corridors and other doors. There was an obvious fixation for privacy of whoever built the complex, Jaigo thought. “More doors?” was what he said. The only thing of interest were two stone double doors. What must be behind there must be important the shaman pondered. Taking the lead and ignoring the rest of the group, he braced himself against the doors and pushed them open with swagger. A mistake soon equal to the bugbear’s results.

Monstrous hounds flew towards Jaigo. His immediate thought was which hex to start. Brion and Bledden readied themselves for attack. Anna began to think about the situation but then began feeling a sense of dread instead. Fear filled her every thought. Dropping her crossbow and bolting herself into another room. Cal witnessed both the yath hounds snapping from his left and Anna’s retreat to the right. Aaroun stood indecisive. The confidence of the adventures shrunk as they began to realize each attack was barely scratching the beasts. Then the dogs began to trip them. The strange beasts would certainly kill them if they fell. Jaigo felt a sense of responsibility for getting his party into this mess. “One chance” he thought. Pulling the twig like wand out of his… hat, Jaigo began to cast a spell from the wand. He leapt into the air, expecting to transform into a large enough tree to block the hounds from harming his friends. He instead felt flat against the cold ground. Despair filled his heart for the first and final time before the hound’s teeth sunk deep into it. The last heart beats could be felt slowly like eternity. Brion fell. He could hear Cal’s conflict between chasing down Anna or helping out Brion and he while attacking another beast. Aaroun had disappeared and Bledden was pushing past a strange man to reach him. It was all too late. He was on his way to Pharasma.

Orik felt the rush and pulse of the battle still in his veins. It has been some time since he killed something. It was frutuitous the adventures had come along. He had hope that escape from his contract would come soon. He was worried the waiting had dulled his senses. Carnage all around him, just as he liked it. His assessment was quick of the party. A bookworm, spellworm, monkworm, clawworm, and a peck. Then there was a dead naked enthusiast with a top hat. The party had grieved for about five seconds over the death of “Jaigo!” as the ranger had called him before literally stripping the shiny loin cloth and handing it to the peck. “A memento?” he thought. Thinking on what he should say, Orik decided that telling them his real name might be risky. Best to use an alias. Sheathing his sword, the fighter introduced himself. “The name is Bad… Bad Bartigan. I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived.”

Ranseurs and Wrath
or The Vomitous Soiling of a Loincloth

After Bleeden defeated the ectoplasmic being, he took up the ranseur and returned from the direction he had come. Shortly, he came upon his companions, who were in search of him. Quickly relating the tale of his battle, the adventurers continued down the tunnel to where the battle took place.

Finding nothing of interest in the small chamber, their explorations continued. A small distance further the tunnel once again branched, with the northern tunnel ending in a visible breach into a constructed room. Deciding the room used to be a storage room of little import (based on the debris), they opened a door that led further into the complex, Brion taking point.

On the other side of the door they found a winding hall. Continuing West at the first junction, they found themselves staring at a north facing statue. The statue was comprised of red marble and featured “a strikingly beautifull, but … monstrously enraged human woman” who carried a book with a strange seven pointed star and a ranseur made of glittering metal and ivory. To the North, stairs led up, while to the South was an opening rejoining with the tunnel they were following earlier, and to the West was wooden door.

After determining they knew nothing about the woman in the statue, or the symbol on her book, they listened at the door and heard two voices arguing in strange tongue. Bursting through the door, the party found themselves on a platform overlooking a prison cell block. On the floor below were two more ectoplasmic beings.

Without wasting time, Brion ran along a walkway and flung himself over a rail, using the walkway to pivot at the last moment a deliver a painful kick to the face of the first target, while Bleeden through his recently acquired ranseur into the body of the other. Calmar struck one with a stream of ice, while the actions of Aarohn and Jaigo were immemorable to the narrator of this account. Swiftly mounting the stairs, the nearest foe sank his teeth into Jaigo’s leg, upon which Jaigo became so filled with rage that he immediately began to vomit, and continued to do so while his companions dispatched with their foes.

After noting that the walkway seemed to be preserved by ancient magic, the party followed it North to an ancient torture chamber, who’s implements were decayed beyond use. Opening a door to the East, they discovered a study with three doors leading to prison cells containing odd, misshapen humanoid skeletons. A quick spell to reveal local magic directed Calmar to a scroll hidden under a chair.

With Jaigo now recovered from his vomiting spell, everyone returned to the Torture chamber, and then continued through the northern door, descending a short staircase leading to a room with several covered pits. Prompted by soft moaning sounds emanating from the pits, the group opened one to reveal a zombie 20 feet below at the bottom. Scanning for magic revealed that the zombies were being preserved by some spell, but it quickly became apparent that it did not prevent them from being destroyed.

After dispensing with the zombies, the party filed down a hallway, noticing that a magic aura was issuing beyond a doorway at the end of the hall. Before arriving at the door, party turned North to discover a stairwell leading down, but completely blocked by fallen rubble.

Several members of the party have decided they need to clear the stairs and make their way down.

Knock Knock!
How I earned Level Two

The group both cautiously and cavalier like approached the glass works to look into the windows and admire the curtains. The building stood unusually quite but smoke steamed from its stacks. A workday, the front door remained locked. A stranger from across the street says that no body has been seen coming out of the building recently. The door looks solid but is nothing for Auron’s lockpicks. The group enters slowly and rushing. Jaigo kicks the half open door open to the groups dismay. It was a shop room with a counter but no welcoming committee. “poor customer service.” Jaigo remarked. “do you hear the furnaces?” Bryan replied. The roar was a dull din behind the doors but markedly loud for being such.

Both Auron and Bleeden open separate doors, further proof of the groups scattered strategy. Following the Ranger’s initiative, the group follows looking for the missing inn keeper. Auron is unaware as he wanders another hall by his own. The group discovers the dinning room a mess. Stepping pass the littered ransacked hall, the group proceeds to the next room. A meeting room of sorts, this room is kept tidy with plans on the table. Jaigo inspects the gnatt charts but finds nothing useful along with Bleeden. The Magi focuses his skills at detecting magic below. Not particularly useful either. Following the sounds of the furnace, the group kicks open the next set of doors. The loud sound of the furnace room is matched by a shocking display of goblin fetishes. Dismembered humans and chard corpses litter the factory floor with a number of goblins in free blood frenzy. The group immediately breaks into diplomacy, “Charge!” Bleeden shouts.

Jaigo stands over the slain goblin steadily pushing his spear tip into and out of the lifeless bag. Bleeden accesses the dead in the factory, hoping somebody survived. Brion interrogates the last remaining goblin. No sign of the tavern keeper but her father’s remains lay in a state of aventgarde glass works. Auron takes a break and sips his mysterious beverage. Calmar helps with the goblin questioning. Soon they found a way downstairs. But before that, Jaigo disposes of the goblin in the furnace.

The basement seemed a dead end with the exception of a strange cooridor. They did find a half elf asleep and a locked door. The hobbit failed to impress the party blaming the lock. Bleeden awakens the half elf by the blade of his sword. He asks a question with no reply from the awoken. “Tie him up.” Bleeden commands. Calmar objects using his good silk rope on the prisoner long enough for Bleeden to deliver an evil eye of his own.

Three Days with Loony
...an object lesson in Level One party dynamics

Mongongwa just shook his head in disbelief. Staring at the unconscious monk, rope laid sprawled over the body, Jaigo just continued to throw stones. Brion Baeli’s attempt at climbing the craggy cliff face was at once both humorous and telling of the futile attempts the party had in obtaining gainful employment. They had tried the past few days to inquire about all various rumors.

At first, their quick recognition as local heroes in fighting off the goblins earned them a loaf of bread and other admiration. Auron in particular caught the eye of a local shop keep’s daughter. Sadly, prices are now double for the group because of his apparent approach of equal interest or lack there of.

There was the strange brew incident where the brother knightly lost his mojo to make quality ale five years after his brother’s death, thanks to the chopper.

A farmer was ranting about a devil taking cattle. Between the belligerent calling for more libations and fragments of the story, the group determined this a point of interest sometime in the future.

The group was also called by Sheriff Hemlock to assist with the disappearance of a clergy man’s body. The resident ranger attempted to track the small group, unsuccessful

At last, sir fancy pants decided to host a boar hunt with the adventures by buying them all steeds. Paid friends or hired security, this should be interesting tomorrow

At least he knew they had four more days of free room and board before being turned out once more.

The Story So Far
Story setup for the adventure

Five years ago a church for Desna in the town of Sandpoint burned down during The Late Unpleasantness, a time of tragedy for Sandpoint. A new church has been erected at the same site, and is ready to be consecrated during the Swallowtail Festival. You are in town to join in the festivities.

Master of the Fallen Fortress
The Stress Test

Players Present

Jason – Grizzly Adams
Ryan – Jaigo Mongongwa
Caleb – Sun Time
Lon -Gandalf
Barret – Brion Baeli

Session News

We were joined by two new players – Lon and Barrett Murphy. They had been invited to our previous session but had to cancel. The session began with Jason, Lon, and Barrett starting character creation. They made significant progress, and we were able to begin the stress test before all the minor details had been figured out.

The Play’s the Thing…


Having heard rumors that a nearby sealed siege castle had recently been opened by a minor earthquake, the party headed to investigate, hoping to be the first into the tower, which people are calling the “Fallen Fortress”

The tower was five stories tall. Only the top story was left completely intact, the earthquake having caused most of the east side of the tower to collapse. It contained no windows or doors, explaining why no one had been inside in centuries.

Beset by dogs

As the party stood at the base of the tower preparing to go inside, Grizzly Adams heard some rustling in some nearby bushes. After he called for whoever was in the bushes to show themselves, the party was beset by wild dogs, which were quickly dispatched.

Exploring the first floor of the tower, the party slew a spider the size of a man, and discovered that the stairs had become blocked by all the rubble created by the earthquake; further progress would require scaling the outside of the tower.

With no skilled climbers in the party, and few having brought climbing gear, the climb was a challenge. Eventually Grizzly Adams reached the second floor, where he secured a rope for the rest of the party to climb. Unfortunatly, Gandalf still had difficulty climbing up, and became unconscious after falling a couple times. After receiving some aid from other members of the party he was able to finish the climb.

Betrayal from within

The party moved into the southern room of this floor, which appeared to have been left undisturbed for a very long time, but on closer examination, Grizzly Adams discovered some tracks at the north-west door, and Sun Time discovered a trap in the same location. Sun Time chose to share this info with Jaigo Mongongwa and Adrian Monk, but not Grizzly Adams and Gandalf.

Grizzly Adams could tell that Sun Time was sharing a secret, and became concerned that members of the party were keeping secrets about discoveries in the tower. As Grizzly Adams was learning that a secret about the tower was being kept from him, Gandalf chucked a rock into the space that everybody was so intent on, triggering the trap without harming anyone.

Offended that Sun Time refused to share information about a trap with him, and concerned about what this meant for his future safety, Grizzly Adams chose to leave the party – and the tower – immediately, taking his climbing rope with him.

Moving forward

Continuing without him, the party moved to the west room tower, where they slew two young smelly troglodytes.

Rules issues

During the evening I discovered that I need to reacquaint myself with the combat rules, as there were some disagreements between myself and members of the party concerning the mechanics of a couple rules.

What follows is a summary of the disagreements and a ruling determined after the session by looking the rules up in the PRD.

Critical Hits

A player said that natural 20’s were an automatic crit, I thought they were just an automatic hit and still required another roll to confirm crit.

Ruling: A natural 20 is an automatic hit, and a critical threat. Another roll is still required to determine if the attack is a critical hit.


A player said withdraw is a 5-foot step that doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. I thought it was a full round action that allowed a reduced move to leave combat without provoking an attack of opportunity. I was not able to remember the details.

Ruling: Withdraw is a full round action that let’s you move up to double your speed (the equivalent of two move actions) without provoking attacks of opportunity when moving from the starting square.

Next session

Our next session would normally be on October 31, but a significant number of players are not available on that weekend, so it was decided we will not meet again until November 13th. I have since noticed that November 13th is a Thursday, so I am adjusting the date to November 14th.

Because of the length of time between now and the next session, we will dispense with the rest of the stress test and begin The Rise of the Runelords. It is expected that all Player Characters will be completed prior.

During the next four weeks players should use the forums to establish their backgrounds, including if any players knew each other prior to the beginning of the adventure.

Short story background can be found at The Story So Far


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