Rise of the Runelords

Running Log of the Hook Mountain Loot

Remaining loot from the Ogre home:

  • Ring of Troll Regeneration
  • Gloves of Arrow Snaring

Loot from Fort Ranik:
Potion of Cure Serious
Silver Locket

Loot from Skull’s Crossing

700 gp
6 pearls worth 100 gp each
Ivory scroll tube with:

  • Scroll of cone of cold
  • Scroll of hold monster
    4x +1 Brawling Chain Shirt (Size Large) I assume we won’t be able to sell these.
    3x Amulet of Natural Armor +1
    2x Ring of Protection +1
The Sandpoint Scuttlebutt
...where gossip and truth are the same


It was past mid-day when the town crier had to be replaced after loosing his voice. The Sandpoint Devil was no more. Mayor Devrin had sent a runner back to town earlier in the morning requesting a team with a strong wagon, leagues of rope, and a dozen men. She was on hand when the beast finally fell to witness the redeemed heroes of Sandpoint exploit. Her scheduled investigation with the local farmer’s ghoul problem ended with the smell of smoke and un-mistakeable baying of the Sandpoint Devil. Although harmed by the attempted rescue of those in the razed sanatorium, they stood fast against the bigger evil. Bleddyn of claws, Anna the scholar, Sanya de Groot, Vriska of the sea, Deg the half wit, Clamar the elf, and a hobbit named Auroun. It was an epic battle between hero and monster alike. The awesome burst of flame would have killed a lesser champion but not the Heroes of Sandpoint. Even the harshest critics of the heroes could not deny them this day. The beast was to be presented at the Red Dragon Inn until further accommodations could be made. The heroes were not able to stay as they had pressing orders to journey to Fort Rannik.

The sanatorium burned down but there were no survivors. The news of Erin’s involvement with a necromancer was buried under the bigger headline.

Loot and Treasure
from 8/14 session

Before meeting Deg the Half-Wit, the Mayor of Magnimar gave each of us 400 G as a stipend for the journey to the Fort. Q: are we using any of that gold to pay for the Ferry ride?

We received a packet from Kree, currently in Anna’s care, and were asked to investigate it. The packet contained a medallion. We know this medallion grants false life on the wearer 1/day, casts gentle repose (is that just on the wearer?) and grants a +1 to all saves. Deg examined it and came to the conclusion that it was part of a set, and that the other item possibly granted it’s user the ability to monitor the wearer of the medallion.

We looted 120 G from the ghouls chasing Deg.

From the magic user in the sanitarium, we looted:
2 potions————-1 Cure Mod Wounds and 1 Gaseous Form
2 wands—————-1 False Life with 29 charges and 1 Identify with 15 charges
Dagger “Nice Looking” (to quote the DM)
200 G

I assume we want to keep the Cure Mod Wounds.

Gaseous Form takes away from AC, grants DR, you can’t attack, and spells are severely limited, you can fly and go through small spaces. Do we want to sell that?

False Life is a wizard/sorcerer spell that gives 1d10 +3 temp HP. Do we want to sell or keep?

Identify is a 1st lvl arcane spell that gives a +10 to identify abilities and command words. Do we want to sell or keep?

Do we want to examine the dagger further or just sell it?

Before we sell anything and not including the 400 from the Mayor, we get 45.71 G each.


Bleddyn: I would like the Scroll of Identify to add to my spell book. If Calmar or Deg already has this spell in his spell book we can sell this one and I can learn it from his book.

Aftermath of the Shadow Clock
A time to regroup and part ways...

Their defeat of Justice Ironbriar and uncovering of the Sawskin cultist was quickly making the rumour mill mid-morning by the time the Shadow Clock beast fell. The group had been dispositioned in one of the pricier taverns while the local authorities sorted out the timeline and evidence. The halfling was certainly enjoying the food and drink. He was thinking they would also be called heroes of Magnimar for uncovering the plot to murder the Lord-Mayor. The ranger however was suspicious and could not help but feel like calf being meant to fatten. Still the group was well pleased with themselves. They had in some respects avenged their friends yet there was still work to be done.

The party hushed abruptly as Kree entered the room. They had been waiting for her to report what consequences she could negotiate with the local authorities, their pursuit of justice for their fallen comrades circumventing or bending the local laws. Their intrusion could not be ignored. The Paladin, her standing with Iomedea still intact, was elected to speak for the group with the local clergy and Lord-Mayor Grobaras.

Her normally pleasant attitude was soured with the news. “Grobaras has called for an audience. You are to attend promptly in the morning.” Measuring their reaction, “I am not certain what the Lord-Mayor plans for you, but… Ironbriar will not be prosecuted for his actions with the cultist.” There was an uproar to the ill news. It took a few moments before the group would listen again. Then Anna asked, “What do you mean by the Lord-Mayor plans for you? Are you not coming with us?” Kree again looked troubled.

A Night In A Sawmill

On our journey, we managed to find the island of mills.We split up into three groups, Anna, Sonia, and Cree stayed by the house, Vriska searched one half of the island, while Aarohn, Bleden, and Calmar checked the other half. eventually Aarohn, Bleden and calmar found the sevens sawmill. there they found some double doors, and another door down a hallway. at midnight, they went in. nothing interesting happened untill the third floor. Anna found a chest full of goodies and on the next, they found some guys making a ritual.
The End

Presumed Dead
  • Excerpt from Vriska Serket’s Log Journal*

These adventurers have no idea how to make decent coin. First the High-and-Mighty paladin doesn’t know how to make off with some silly nags, but they show some serious dough just for a long-dead human who obviously deserved to die. They could be half-way across the inland ocean trailing rubies the size of my fists, and instead they bring a feeble guy back to life, who most only knew for a few weeks?

Well, that coinage had to come from somewhere, and none of these rugged waifs look like there pretty parents left a single copper to their names, which means whatever they do, it yields well. Might as well tag along to catch up on this sweet, sweet gold. A ship ain’t gonna’ buy itself, am I right?

The wayward vagabonds pick up on a loose end to their little sob-story, and skip off to a noble’s manor (which is totally insane, since their own party was definitely cut down to size following a lead just like this).

Place looks deserted. Bottom floor boarded up. They do their thing, ask some questions, then the guy himself opens the door. The nincompoops just stare, gawking at a man that they (supposedly) killed. So, they enter for a lovely afternoon of tea.

Turns out libraries bring out the worst in people. Like when our resident bookworm was ogling the “wealth” of knowledge, our host pulled something a little sharper than tea. Luckily, so did I! After fisticuffs were resolved, our beast of an elf says he knew these “things” were about to pounce the whole time. PFFT. If he knew that, why’d he not make that info a little more public than a tiny nod to his reanimated friend? I guess the dynamic of this charade of a group of adventurers was thrown off a little, and by thrown off, I mean pushed. Down three flights of stairs. Out a window. Overlooking a cliff.

Obviously, this lousy excuse for a crew needs a good captain. Someone who can really whip them into shape and plunder some Hardcore profits.

Tales of a Town Gone Mad!
Save a town and now they want to kill me, so typical...

After a long hard march back to Sand Point, weary and with much dismay over fallen comrades and friends, we arrive at the clergies abode to seek help. We take the bodies of our fallen friends to the morgue. Bleddyn would not leave the side of his only friend Calmar Arundel , the only person he truly trusts. He would not let a simple thing like death stand in the way. Our fallen included: Brion Baeli and Orik “Bad Bartigan” Vancasherkin and nearly Aarohn Sharaghon. After asking the local Cleric about how he could possibly bring his friend back to life, I sent word to Anna Sabel, asking her to prepare a spell to protect his friends body until they could reach Magnimar. Surely there is a Cleric that could raise his companion from the dead there. The race against time was on! Only wait! the crazy town that we had given so much of ourselves to protect had turned on us! Me! Saying that I was the one running around murdering people! So typical… Just cause I have claws and the people murdered, we killed by a clawed beast now i’m a bad guy! I knew I should have never trusted anyone in this town! They were even after Anna Sabel and Aarohn Sharaghon calling for our heads. Then to top it off a full of herself (or so I thought at the time) Paladin starts nosing around and asking questions. Had she pushed one bit the wrong way i’m not sure I could have held my peace any longer and some towns folk would have seen the error of accusing me of something I did not do! Ok, ok, so I was a little out of sorts what with my 3 dead companions and a town out for my head. But this Paladin, there was something about her, I could not put my finger on it. She handled herself well. I found no need to be upset with her oddly enough, since I don’t usually get on with new people well. Come to find out that she was the sister of Orik “Bad Bartigan” Vancasherkin who had saved my life and my friends on at least 2 occasions. Kree Vancasherkin knelt in solemn prayer for her brothers soul and I followed suite. The Jailer and the Mayer of the town came up with a plan to get us out of the city at night fall. Some times people surprise you when you least expect it. With the help of Kree Vancasherkin and one other who we do not know much about yet Vriska Serket we made it, us by boat and horses and bodies by land to Magnimar. Wasting no time we headed to the local church to find one who could raise Calmar Arundel from the dead. We found one who could and the group gathered together a large amount of coin to pay for the service. It was amazing my friend who I was so terrified that I had lost was again alive! I only wish we could have afforded to bring the rest of our fallen comrades back to life. They payed the ultimate price for that lousy thankless town of Sand Point. Perhaps as soon as I can afford it I will return here to do just that!

Detritus of a failed adventure
What stuff we were able to drag out.....

Things we acquired that Calmar Arundel was keeping track of:

a Chime of Opening given to Aarohn Sharaghon
a Magical Mask of Disguise and Stealth given to Aarohn Sharaghon
a Magical Hat of Desguise given to Aarohn Sharaghon
a Ring of Protection +1 sold to help raise Calmar from the dead.
a Ring of Jumping given to Aarohn Sharaghon

a blood smeared painting of Iesha/Brion Baeli left in the wine cellar while chasing Bleddyn, where also lay 8 bottles of wine.

In a sack carried over the shoulder of Calmar Arundel, dropped in the kitchen during the fight with the rats and the (temporarily ?) insane party members:

  • 1 pound of Gold
  • a Pearl Ring
  • an Adamantium Long Sword
  • a War Razor +1
  • Leather Armor +1, worn by an Undead while being destroyed, very filthy, etc.
  • a Ruined Lich Phylactery
  • a Nobleman’s Outfit, worn while being killed by ghouls, worn by a ghast, which he had on while being destroyed, very smelly
  • a Cameo of Brion Baeli
  • a Key
  • a Silver Keyring holding 2 Keys:
  • An Iron Key set with an Opal
  • a Long Bronze Key with 3 blades and a Lion motif

Despite Calmar’s urging, no one wanted to go back down into the cellar, so the ghost of Calmar Arundel believes that this loot is still there.

A Paladin of Iomedae...

The paladins of Iomedae are just and strong. Their
mission is to right wrongs and eliminate evil at its root.
They are crusaders and live for the joy of righteous battle.
They serve as examples to others, and their code demands
they protect the weak and innocent by eliminating sources
of oppression, rather than the symptoms. They may back
down or withdraw from a fight if they are overmatched,
but if their lives will buy time for others to escape, they
must give them.

Their tenets include:
• I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart
to guide it, it is worthless—my strength is not in my
sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a
tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.
• I will have faith in the Inheritor. I will channel her
strength through my body. I will shine in her legion,
and I will not tarnish her glory through base actions.
• I am the first into battle, and the last to leave it.
• I will not be taken prisoner by my free will. I will not
surrender those under my command.
• I will never abandon a companion, though I will honor
sacrifice freely given.
• I will guard the honor of my fellows, both in thought
and deed, and I will have faith in them.
• When in doubt, I may force my enemies to surrender,
but I am responsible for their lives.
• I will never refuse a challenge from an equal. I will give
honor to worthy enemies, and contempt to the rest.
• I will suffer death before dishonor.
• I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my
behavior. I will strive to emulate Iomedae’s perfection.

when that fire needs a little more fire...

The party had had enough of the Foxglove Manor, and after the Re-death of Aldurn Foxglove, It soon became apparent that it was high time to leave, but a few among the party argued that there was a little more to explore in this house of horrors.

After a rather nasty brawl with a large, undead bat who saw to the end of a notorious criminal, the party snatched what loot they could, and headed for the Manor’s kitchen, whilst repeatedly whacking the Peck of the party with a worn healing stick. Sonya, however, went to the manor doors to check upon his beloved Groot

A wine cupboard was discovered from a door in the kitchen. As Bartigan marveled and the merry-making to be had, the rest of our adventurers began to hear squeaking emanating from a corner of the kitchen, all cracked and decayed. “Rats” gasped Bleddyn, “A lot of them”.

A plan sprang from the ranger and his trusty midget, who combined a flask of oil and a wand of conjure flame with perfect precision. The wall burst into flames, as the high-born elf ushered his teammates into the confined spaces of the cupboard. As the daring pair make their own escape towards the booze closet, a shared presence was felt about them, but, being made of sterner stuff, was shrugged off with reckless abandon. “I’m not so sure how well this plan was thought through” muttered Bad, as chewing could be heard from the other side of the door. Our large plated friend began to rummage though his pack till he came up with a flask of alchemist’s fire, most likely given to him as a present from his beloved grandparents.

Meanwhile, The great Calmar was frantically arranging the plentiful amount of broken glass to intercept any encroaching vermin, Anna was preparing her favorite morningstar, Bleddyn also rummaging in his pack for yet more oil, and last, but certainly the least, Auron, who, looking for places to hide/flee, uncovered a compartment with 8 bottles of wine (much to the delight of Bad).

As the swarms of rats finally chew through the last fibers of the door, both Bad and Bleddyn let loose their flasks, igniting the horde of pests before the party. This time, however, the presence that touched the Arsonist’s minds was not so passive as before. Bleddyn began to cower in fear, and the great Bad Bartigan was reduced to spouting gibberish. With the combined efforts of the fire, multiple whacks from Anna and Auron, and a tremendous spell from Calmar, the swarms receded.

Not long later, Bad opens the door, and Bledden sees his chance to flee. After a long chase around the house, and some spell-like trickery on Calmar’s part, both victims of the House were restored to more or less sensible states.

The decisions for the house were made then and there, for the intrepid heroes were only blocked by two obstacles: The house itself, and the hosts of undead ravens circling the burnt servant’s quarters, The answer to the house: Anna’s newest and last spell, Fireball, and for the ravens: abscond with the loot.

At a safe distance from the house (roughly 600ft), Anna made ready to lay waste to the domicile which had tormented the lives of countless poor souls. With a whiff of divine flame in their noses, the party looked on to see what destruction woulds visit the house, but saw nothing than what they feared most; for Bad, a monstrous Balor, for Calmar, a Terrassk, Auron, just about anything bigger than he, Sonya, a world without plants, and for Anna, her own heresy. Of course, this was the last Haunt the house could play, and to Sonya, Anna, and Bleddyn, it was so; nothing but mirage. However, two of the party were not so fortunate, for the House hates fire, and gives as much as he takes. The great Bad Bartigan and Calmar Arundel fell without a sound, bodies already cooling as the explosion rocked the ground as if the whole world was to tear asunder. Alas, no ill fate befell the house but a slight singe around the epicenter of the subsiding conflagration.

To the dismay of the few survivors of the phantasmal killer, the ravens congregated around them. It seemed all was lost

Then a light shone out, growing stronger, as Anna Sabel rose up, eldrich power flooding from her body to deal righteous punishment on the oncoming murder. There our heroes left the Foxglove Manor, to rot on it’s cliff till a way was found to purge the land of it’s blight


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