Orik "Bad Bartigan" Vancasherkin

Mercenary hired by Nualia


“Bad” Bartigan
Lvl 5 Fighter(swordlord); Chaotic; age 27; male; languages: common, sign
Human: +2 Ability, +1 Skilled/lvl, human bonus feat; +1 CMD trip/grapple fav class
582gp; 12870/15000exp; speed 30ft(-5ft deflection)

str 14 2] – (56) [58 lbs. or less, 59–116 lbs., 117–175 lbs]
dex 16 [
4] 2 >18 +1/lvl4 >19 +1/lvl8 >20(5)
con 10 0]
wis 10 [
int 13 1]
cha 12 [

HP 34 (1d10 HD) AC 23(27 AoO moving, 26/30 fighting defensively)
FF 18 (6armor+1trait+1enchant) Touch 15 (4dex 1dodge)
BAB +5; INIT +4; Melee +7(
10 ds, 1 deflection) (2dmg/3two-h); Range +9
CMD 22 (5bab
2str+4str+1dodge) (5 trip/grapple)
CMB +7(
10 ds disarm/sunder/trip; +1 deflection)

Fort +4+0
Ref +1+4
Will +1+0 (+1 fear)

Move to provoke AoO then follow up with CMBs disarm/trip/dirty trick (10,10,7 deflecting +1)
Provide flanking advantage to allies
Fight defensively when needed (-4melee, +3 AC)
Charge at hard to hit (
2melee, -2AC)
Power Attack at squishy targets or to deal heavy damage (-2melee/6dmg)
Provide cover to adjacent allies with bodyguard (
2AC w/DC10 aid another)
Disarm after provoking attack or deflecting blow (10,11 CMB, successful 1d8 dmg +4(6)w/power attack)
Use two hands when attacking (drop torch)

fighting defensively w/power attack (-6melee, 4/(6)dmg, +3AC)
charging w/power attack (
0melee +4/(6)dmg, -2AC)

masterful demeanor +3 intimidate non-human humanoid
defender of the society +1AC medium heavy armor

breast plate 1 (deflecting – miss by 5less bs type +1melee next rd -5ft +10lbs) +7AC +3dex(4training) -4acp(-2 training/mw) 20ft(25ft training w/deflecting) 30lb 2350gp
dueling sword (mw) 1d8 (19-20) x2 3lb s cold iron 70gp
=total lbs: 43

Skills (2 Skill/Level+int+skilled)
acrobatics 5+0+4 (-acp) (3 or more ranks 1dodge when fighting defensively, +6 full defense); every level
climb 2
3+2 (-acp) goal 5 ranks
handle animal 0+3+0 no goal
intimidate 5+3+1(3 non-human humanoids) (4 size larger) demoralize – std DC 10+HD+WIS > shaken; every level
engineering 1+3+1 goal 6 ranks
10 Identify dangerous construction
15 Determine a structure’s style or age
20 Determine a structure’s weakness
ride 3+3+4 (-acp)
survival 2+3+0 goal 7 ranks
swim 2+3+2 (-acp) goal 5 ranks

prof: simple, martial, armor(all)
1st: Bravery (ex): 1 fear sav [1/4lvl>2]
3rd: Armor Training (ex) acp 1, dex bonus +1, move normal medium armor
5th: Disarming Strike (ex) success disarm w/ds, normal damage no str bonus
7th: Steel Net (ex) fight defensive full rd w/ds, 2atk penalty/ +2AC dodge
9th,13th,17th: weapon training (ex) +1atk/dmg/cmb/cmd disarm/sunder/trip weapon group, [bonus increases +1 previous]
11th: Counter Attack (ex) AoO immediate action on melee hit w/ds
15th: Armor Training acp -1, dex bonus +1, move normal heavy armor
19th: Armor Mastery (ex) DR 5/
20th: Weapon Mastery (ex) one weapon ds auto confirm crit, crit multiplier increases by 1, cannot be disarmed

Feats (combat bonus feats)
1st: feat – weapon finesse sub dex for str w/ds
1st: bonus combat feat – dodge +1AC
1st: human feat – exotic weapon proficiency (ds)
2nd: bonus combat feat – combat reflexes AoO +dex/rd and flat footed
3rd: feat – mobility +4AC vs. AoO
4th: bcf – body guard AoO aid another +2AC ally
5th: power attack +2(3)dmg/-1atk at 1stBAB and every 4BABs until next turn
6th: bcf – weapon focus +1 atk
7th: quick draw free action
8th: bcf – dueling mastery w/ds +2 init, +2AC shield (only +1 if two hands) also piercing weapon
9th: shield of swings 1/2dmg +4shield AC/CMD until next turn
10th: bcf – combat patrol full action increase threat 5ft/5bab
11th: furious focus first attack suffers no melee penalty w/power attack if using two handed weapon
12th: bcf – defensive combat training +HD to CMD

fighting defensively: -4 melee 2(3 w/acrobatics)AC dodge next/rd
bullrush: melee, push back 5ft/5success no dmg, -4cmb each creature beyond first; provokes
charge: full, move>10ft, +2atk -2AC, can be applied to bull rush
dirty trick: standard, hinders enemy 1rd/5success; provokes
blinded (smack right in the nose, cape over head) -2 AC, loses dex, -4 dex, str, perception checks, 50% miss chance, DC 10 acrobatics to move half speed fail fall prone
dazzled (shine light from blade) -1 atk and perception
deafened (smack ears) -4 init, fails perception sound, -4 opposed perception, 20% spell fail verbal
entangled (improvised surroundings) half speed, no charge, -2 attack, -4 dex, concentration DC15
spell lvl
shaken (impressive pomp and circumstance) -2 atk, sav, skill, ability
sickened (gut shot or kick in the jimmy) -2 atk, dmg, sav, skill, ability
reposition: standard; 5feet/5success, provokes
disarm: (finesse) drop item, 10success drop both hands, 10fail drop own weapon; provokes
sunder: (finesse) deal dmg to item, 1/2 or less hp=broken; provokes
trip: (finesse) 10fail trip self; provokes
throw splash weapon: -4 into melee (either party threatens)
aid another: standard, +2atk or +2AC ally vs AC10
steal: standard, provokes

Items (needed 43k by 9th level)
fortification 1 bonus 25% negate crit or sneak attack (3k)
2000gp 1 weapon enchantment (2000gp cold iron)> fortuitous 1 bonus extra AoO at -5 upon first AoO success (6k)
Aegis of Recovery 1500gp 2sav on second sav, 2d83HP below 0 single use – neck
Ring of Protection 2000gp +1AC deflection* – ring
Cloak of Resistance 4000gp +2(fort/ref/will) – shoulders
Wayfinder 500gp command word light – none
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone 4000gp +1AC insight*, +2 insight CMD/CMB w/wayfinder
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier 5000gp +1AC luck*, reduce crit or sneak attack as immediate action 1/day – head
Belt of Physical Might 5000gp +2(dex,con) – waist
Boots of Speed 12000gp free action haste 10/rds day (full attack +1 extra attack, +1atk/AC/reflex, +30ft speed)

hot weather outfit 4lb
backpack 2lb
waterskin 4lb
flint steel
cleaning cloth
bandolier (8 slots) move action to retrieve item
=total lbs: 10 (4)

everburning torch
*alchemist’s fire 1lb 20gp 10ft range, 1d6 fire/1 splash, 2nd/rd 1d6 fire or full DC15 reflex extinguish
*acid 1lb 10gp 10ft range, 1d6/1 splash
bladeguard 40gp potects against ooze/rust 24hrs
antitoxin 50gp 5 alchemical fort sav vs poison/1hr
*tanglefoot bag 50gp 10ft range, -2atk -4dex DC15 reflex or stuck (break DC17 hp 15/slash, fragile after 2d4/rds
troll styptic 100gp fast healing 2 2d4/rds, DC15 fort or sickened
*universal solvent 50gp std disolve sovereign glue, tanglefoot, other adhesives
*potion of cure moderate wounds 300gp 2d8

  • potion of magic weapon 50gp-made +1 enhancment magic, does not stack w/mw 1min/lvl
    *potion of protection from evil +2Ac deflection, +2 morale charm/compulsion sav + 2nd sav, non-touch by natural attacks 1min/lvl(3)
    *potion of shield of faith +2AC deflection 1min/lvl(3)
    potion of lesser restoration 1d4 ability restore
    =total lbs: 14 (9)

Thistletop is the current home of Orik Vancaskerkin, a down-on-his-luck mercenary from the lawless city of Riddleport. After a scam involving a tiefling prostitute, a shifty alchemist, and an elixir of love, Orik was forced to flee town. He’s pretty sure that Clegg Zincher, the now- dead alchemist’s powerful brother, still carries a grudge for what Orik did to the alchemist when he discovered, to his horror, that the elixir of love was actually just cheap ale laced with lavender. While Orik bears no regrets for murdering the alchemist, he does regret the fact that Clegg Zincher effectively made it impossible for him to continue living in Riddleport. He misses his hometown greatly, despite the fact that little good ever came of living there, and has several half-formed plans to return there some day to face Clegg and perhaps seize control of Zincher’s power for himself.

But doing something like that requires allies and money, and when a strange but beautiful woman approached him in the seedy Magnimar bar he’d taken up in, he accepted her offer to serve as her bodyguard without question. Since then, and since helping plan the assault on Sandpoint, Orik has come to think that his allegiance to Nualia may be just the latest in a long string of bad choices . Still, she pays regularly in platinum, and to date he hasn’t really had to do much actual bodyguarding, since she’s remained here at Thistletop for some time. He knows she’s after something in the chambers below, but doesn’t know (or care) what it is. Orik has also developed something of an infatuation with another of Nualia’s minions , the foul-tempered (charmingly so, to Orik) Lyrie Akenja. Unfortunately, Lyrie seems more obsessed with Tsuto than anything else. Orik has considered murdering Tsuto to remove him from the picture, but since the half- elf is currently Nualia’s lover, he’s avoided such drastic moves to this point. Things have become so unbearably complicated for Orik that he’s considering giving up on the whole thing and heading east to Korvosa to try his luck there.

Orik is ruggedly handsome, with a visage and demeanor that doesn’t mesh well with smiles and laughter. Of late, he’s spent most of his time in his room, waiting for something – anything- to develop down in the chambers below or with the Sandpoint situation so he can collect his final payment from Nualia. The raid on Sandpoint has left him somewhat conflicted, since on his one visit to the town on his way south to Magnimar several months ago, he found the place friendly and charming.

If Orik surrenders, he does what he can to ensure his continued well-being. If that includes giving his wealth to the PCs or even aiding them against Nualia and her other allies, so be it. Unfortunately, Orik hasn’t explored much of the dungeon here, and can say nothing about the caves to the east (except that there’s some kind of wriggly monster in there), areas south of the chapel, or any of the chambers below basement level 1. He’s only been in the temple of Lamashtu (the chapel) once, enough to know that he doesn’t want to go back if he can help it; that religion kind of gives him the chills. He knows that the temple is guarded by a pair of “monster dogs ,” but beyond knowing that their howls are horrifying, he isn’t sure what they are.

When Orik heard the baying of the hounds and left his bedroom to investigate, he decided that he was ready to be done with Nualia, and temporarily throw his lot in with the adventures who had just shown up.

Orik "Bad Bartigan" Vancasherkin

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