Kree Vancasherkin

Vengeful Paladin of Iomedea


Kree Vancasherkin
Human Female Age 23 Level 6 Paladin of Iomedea Lawful Good
Favorite Class +HP Language Common, Ustalvic
HD10 EXP: 15000/23000 Gold: 112gp

STR 14 2] [58 lbs. or less, 59–116 lbs., 117–175 lbs]
DEX 16 [
3] Ref 2 +3 +3
CON 12 [
1] Fort 5 +1 +3
WIS 10 [
0] Will 5 +0 +3
INT 10 [
CHR 16 [+3]

INIT 6 BAB +6/1 CMB 10 CMD 23
HP 63 AC 22 Touch 15 FF 19 FD 25
Melee +8/
3 Range 9/4 Speed 20ft(30ft)

1 Benevolent Agile Breastplate +7AC +3DEX bonus -3acp (1 aid another, climb/jump no penalty) 25lbs 20ft (400+1000+2000gp)
1 Elven Curved Blade +9/4 1d10+3 18-20/x2 7lbs 2080gp
Composite Short Bow (2) +9/4 1d6+3 x3 2lbs 70ft 225gp

Lay On Hands 6/day 3D6
Smite Evil 2/day 3atk/AC +6dmg
Divine Bond 1/day
Channel Positive Energy 4D6 (DC16 30ft 2 uses of lay on hands)
Power Attack -2atk +6dmg(2H)
Fighting Defensively -4atk/
Aid Another +4AC or +3atk

Reactionary(combat) +2 INIT
Aid Allies(faction) +1 aid another

Simple/Martial Armour/Shield Proficiency
1st Aura of Good as level
1st Detect Evil move action vs target 60ft range
1st Smite Evil 1/day swift action CHRatk +lvldmg (x2 outsider dragon undead 1st attack)
2nd Divine Grace add CHR bonus to SAV
2nd Lay On Hands 1/2lvl
CHR/day std action heal 1D6/2lvls swift action self
3rd Aura of Courage immune to fear; +4 morale 10ft
3rd Divine Health immune to all disease
3rd Mercy Fatigued
4th Channel Positive Energy uses 2 lay on hands std action heal or deal damage undead 30ft radius centered

1D6+1D6/2lvls DC 10+1/2lvl+CHR Will
4th Smite Evil 2/day
5th Divine Bond std action 1/day+1/4lvls>5 1/minlvl light +1enhancement+1/3lvls>5 [flaming +1D6 fire, merciful +1D6 all dmg nonlethal, defending free action bonus AC, keen double threat range]
6th Mercy Staggered
7th Smite Evil 3/day
8th Aura of Resolve immune to charm; +4 morale 10ft
9th Mercy Poisoned
10th Smite Evil 4/day
11th Aura of Justice free action uses two smites grants allies 10ft paladin bonuses use by next turn last 1/min
12th Mercy Stunned
13th Smite Evil 5/day

1st Exotic Weapon Proficiency elven curved blade
1st Power Attack -1atk/2(3)dmg until next turn; at 1st/4th level and every 4th after -1atk/2dmg
3rd Combat Reflexes additional AoO = DEX bonus; attack while FF
5th Bodyguard AoO aid another improve adjacent ally AC only (4AC AC10)
7th Shield of Swings full attack 2H 1/2dmg +4AC/CMD until next turn
9th Big Game Hunter +1atk +2dmg vs large

11th Critical Focus +4 to confirm crit
13th Staggering Critical move or std action only

Skills [2+INT+Skilled]:
Acrobatics +3 +0 +3 -acp [3 ranks +1AC fighting defensively]
Diplomacy +6 +3 +3 [start DC 25 hostile 20 unfriendly 15 indifferent 10 friendly 0 helpful +CHR; 0 details/aid +5 secret/complicated +10 dangerous +15 punishment +5 additional request]
Profession (Soldier) +3 +3 +0
Sense Motive +6 +3 +0 [hunch 20 sense enchantment 25 or 15 discern secret message]
-(Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge Nobility/Religion, Ride, Spellcraft)

Spells [CL3 (level-3) Concentration+6 (CL+CHR)]:
1st Compel Hostility std 1rd/lvl SR yes DC14 WILL if threatened and ally is attacked as immediate action compel to attack you
1st Hero’s Defiance immediate action HP=<0>s Shirt 1000gp swift action additional move action 1/day
Wayfinder 500gp 1lb light 20ft command light; +2 survival from being lost
Cracked Dusty Rose Prism 500gp +1INIT w/wayfinder +2 insight bonus CMB/CMD
Holy Symbol 100gp 1lb (gold)

Backpack 2gp 2lbs:
Holy Text 10gp 3lbs
Bedroll 1sp 5lbs
Trail Rations (2) 5sp 1lb each
Soap 1cp 1lb
Whetstone 1gp 1lb
Waterskin 1gp 4lbs
Tindertwig (5) 1gp each std action to light fire

Belt Pouch:
Alchemist Fire 20gp 1lb 10ft range 1D6 fire 1D6 fire round until extinguished with full action DC 15 Ref
Acid Flask 10gp 1lb 10ft range 1D6 acid 1 splash
Antitoxin 50gp +5 Fort vs poison 1hour
Holy Water 25gp 1lb 10ft range 2D4 1 splash
Universal Solvent 50gp std action dissolve sovereign glue, tanglefoot, ect.
Thunderstone 30gp 1lb 20ft range AC5 10ft radius CD15 Fort deafened 1 hour -4INIT 20% spell failure

Quiver 1lb:
Tanglefoot Arrow (5) 20gp each ranged touch no dmg -2atk -4DEX 1/2speed DC10 Ref stuck/drop DC12 break 10hp slashing DC10 concentration
Arrows (15)


Kree respected her older brother Orik as children. He was the foundation she needed as their family fled their homeland in Brevoy. He was able to make sense of the world before her and let her know things would be safe once they ran far enough. Through the River Kingdoms, Starfall, Mendev and Ustalav the family fled. It was in Ustalav where their mother was murdered by a demon. After that point, Orik could no longer assure her things would be okay. As orphans now, Kree knew she would have to be stronger than the world about her to be able to protect those she cared about. Orik had her stay with a church, with the promise to write to her as he went looking for a means to survive. The letters came up until the year she was to leave the coven. She lost contact with Orik once he joined a mercenary company. She eventually found solace in the order of Iomdea and was about to sign up for the new crusade against the world wound when she received disturbing news about her brother in Riddleport.

Kree Vancasherkin

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