Rise of the Runelords

To Sandpoint!!

Part 2: The Heroes Arrive

Four unfortunate adventurers were feeling crowded. The last time there had been a mob in Sandpoint, the adventurers were nearly sold into slavery. Now they were being mobbed again, this time, as celebrated heroes who had returned. Children swarmed underfoot, shouting for the heroes to tell them about their adventures, and the heroes were forced to dismount, for fear of trampling the young-uns under the hooves of their nervous horses.

Four other adventurers watched the scene with amusement, pity, and aggravation. Anna, Calmar, Bleddyn, and Sonya hadn’t mentioned that they were such celebrities in Sandpoint. It didn’t look like they’d be able to make anyone listen to them any time soon. This left the job of trying to contact the officials in town up to the remaining members of the party, complete strangers to Sandpoint. Thorok looked impatiently back at the trapped heroes, before trying to make his way to the sheriff’s office, with Argus, Z, and Scath close behind.

Between all the shouting and hubbub, the trapped party members learned that a halfling bard had been spreading word throughout town that the Sandpoint Heros were returning, and each of the heroes found themselves very irritated. Swarmed through the streets, the heroes eventually found themselves in front of Mayor Deverin. The crowd quieted, and the heroes waited for the discussion of the incoming dragon attack to begin.

“Citizens of Sandpoint,” Mayor Deverin began, and the heroes stood solemnly. “The heroes have returned!” and crowd erupted.

The heroes tried to talk to the Mayor above the shouting, but she only seemed puzzled when they tried to ask about the dragon. Ushered towards the inn, Anna noticed Ameiko waiting, with a grin on her face.

“Ameiko, my friend, this is no time to celebrate.” Anna tried to grab her attention. “This is serious.”

Ameiko looked concerned, and she and Mayor Deverin ushered them into the quiet inn.
“What is this about a dragon?” Mayor Deverin was concerned.

“Didn’t…you hear… about it? We…tried to…send…word.” Calmar huffed.

“We found this note about an attack on Sandpoint.” Sonya, who had caught his breath, showed the note to the Mayor.

Mayor Deverin examined the note. “No, I haven’t hear anything about this. I’ll call together a few people, and we can have a meeting.” the Mayor’s voice was very grim.

“What do you mean, he’s on his honeymoon?” Thorok growled. “Didn’t you get our note?”

“Your note?” the deputy seemed confused. “Oh, you mean this note?” he pointed to the letter the party had sent.

“Yes, that note. Didn’t you read it?” Thorok demanded.

“Well, it’s addressed to Belor. Why should I open his mail?” the deputy said, self-righteously
“You didn’t think that maybe it was something urgent or anything?” Argus asked, incredulous. This mistake was going to make things difficult.

“Why should I?” the deputy had nothing but confusion written across his face. He was getting tired of being questioned by this strange group. If only he could go see the heroes, but he was stuck here, with all the odd sorts that were coming down from Magnimar.

“What is going on here?” demanded an alert women, who had entered the room. She carried a shield with a symbol of Iomedea, very clearly a Paladin.

“We are trying to figure out why this idiot here has….” Thorok paused as the sword was held towards him.

“Hands where I can see them.” the Paladin demanded.

“Look,” Thorok began as he held his hands out, “we’re not here to cause trouble. We are concerned that Sandpoint is in danger, and are frustrated that no one opened the letter we sent.” Thorok watched the Paladin think.

“We have friends in town who can vouch for us.” Z said, as the Paladin muttered something about evil and finding none.

She put away her sword “You better not cause any trouble.” she glared, as she sheathed her sword. “What friends might these be?”

“The Sandpoint Heroes” Argus replied simply.

“Oh, you mean Vriska and [[:aarohn-sharaghon | Aarohn] and the rest?” The Paladin looked excited. “They are in town?”

“Uhhh” Argus was stumped.

“Aarohn left shortly before we found you.” Scath explained to Argus. “You know that halfling that they’ve been looking for? That’s him. And Vriska vanished when we were in that swamp.”

At this point a townsman who had happened to drop by mentioned that the heroes had gone into the inn, with Mayor Deverin, and the other half of the party decided it best to rejoin them there, together with Kree Vancasherkin.

They arrived at the Inn, with the Paladin in tow, to find more chaos there. Bleddyn was arguing with the innkeeper (a woman named Ameiko) about a window or something, and Anna was trying to conciliate the situation. Sitting back and enjoying the show, Calmar and Sonya called out to the rest of the party as they came in. “Would you like to try some devil meat?”

It was at this point that Argus, Thorok, and Z all decided that they definitely regretted meeting these people. Seeing as they had saved Scath’s life, he merely regretted traveling with them this far. Nearby, Anna was trying to explain to Ameiko that the one who should pay for the window was the halfling Bleddyn had chased out of town, when she was interrupted by the shouts and guffaws from Calmar and Sonya. Even Kree chuckled at the strangers’ expense.

The Sandpoint Devil, as was later explained to the rest of the party, was quickly becoming the inns most popular meal, and Calmar and Sonya believed it would soon become a cultural mark for Sandpoint.

Kree was gladly welcomed back by the group. With Kree here, they were much more confidant in their abilities. They explained the situation to her, while Bleddyn repaired the window the halfling had broken, since he had chased the halfling out of town. Anna showed the group the bag of tricks they had taken from the halfling, but couldn’t explain what it did, she had never heard of one before. The agreement in the group was to sell it, take out what gold had been stolen from the group, then return the rest to the halfling. There was no pity felt for the halfling who had left them stranded in Turtleback with no money to try and get back to Sandpoint.

“Can you find anything on dragon weakness?”
“Let me take a note, I’ll look into when I get back to the bookshop.”
“What’s that guy doing here?”
“‘That guy’ is from one of Sandpoint’s oldest families. At a meeting of this kind, he must be here.”
“Are there any Catapult’s in town?”
“No, unfortunately.”
“If he’s here, I’m leaving.”
“Sit down, this is no time for grudges. I suggest we try looking in the lighthouse.”
“What good will finding the artifact do? We need to work on the town’s defenses.”
“Does anyone know how to build a Catapult?”
“The dungeon below the glass works will be the safest place for the townsfolk in the case of an attack, we need to get supplies and weapons down there. Can we get some boats at the shore?”
The meeting was pure chaos, but it finally boiled down to a few key points:

  • Researching the enemy and the artifact
  • Searching for the artifact
  • Preparing an escape route for the townsfolk
  • Finding the most effective weapons and preparing the defense
  • Scouting and watching for the approaching enemy

Anna recommended that Sonya and she prepare some water based spells, like Hydraulic Push and Control Water, in the case of a water based attack, but most of the concern was about that dragon, it could fly in from any direction it liked, and there wasn’t much they could do about it. The meeting eventually came to a close, and, since Mayor Deverin didn’t want the townsfolk to panic, everyone was careful to smile pleasantly at the celebration thrown in their honor that night.

“So I pushed my magic sword in at the weak spot in the shell, letting my spell flood into the strange scorpion’s spine. The scorpion shuddered, then exploded in blinding light, dropping Anna from it’s clutches.” The townsfolk looked at Calmar in awe, then turned to glance at Anna, who was dancing while the bard sang some cheerful ballad about a cat who defeated a dragon. Thorok and Argus were keeping to the sidelines, not too keen to be in the spotlight, but Z was enjoying the celebrations, off in some corner boasting of his mighty spells which had “saved us many times.” Scath, personally, was enjoying the meal. When he learned that it was actually made of pork or something, he had been convinced to try it, and had decided he liked the Sandpoint Devil. Bleddyn, for one, didn’t see the point. The town was in danger, and here they were dancing and singing like nothing was going on. This seemed, to him, a large waste of time. Sonya looked uncomfortable with the noise, preferring a quiet forest to a loud party.

There was a break in the music, and the bard called for the town’s attention. Then he began to chant. He started low, then rose to valiant shouts. It was, for lack of a better word, otherworldly. The strange song swelled with magic power, and all that stood and listened, felt themselves filled with the magic of the song. The strange-chant like style was something no one there had ever heard of before. The song told of several brave heroes, a master swordsman, a strong monk, a witch doctor, a bear-man, a magician, a sneaky-thief, a fiery cleric, a brave paladin. The song told of their brave adventures, defending Sandpoint from goblin attacks, exploring ancient ruins, and defeating the Sandpoint Devil. The bard finished, and a moment of silence reigned through the crowd (Sonya enjoyed the quiet), before the crowd erupted into cheers.

The party continued, many stories were told. Stories about rescuing Scath from the trolls, the spiderman that had preyed on Bleddyn, a girl whose lover had died, and had given her own life to save him, the horrid, terrifying monster that had attacked Turtleback. Late into the night, the adventurers celebrated with the townsfolk. In some way, Sandpoint had become a home to the Sandpoint heroes. This was their town, and they would defend it to their dying breath.


Did anyone make it all the way through?

To Sandpoint!!

-Caleb Anderson, master of the elemental summons

To Sandpoint!!

Sonya felt despondent. Something did not fit for him with this group of friends. Yes, he would call them friends for the glory earned. They had shared in an adventure but this air of excitement, no, it was this sense of dread responsibility for these adventurers, a title of heroes that the people of Sandpoint placed upon them. He could understand and take care of a forest and protect it well, but he felt the miasma of civilization suffocating and slowly entrapping him. There was helplessness in his happiness. He needed to return to his nature to escape this frailty and night would not wait. They would understand, they were familiar with people leaving them by now.

To Sandpoint!!

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