Rise of the Runelords

The Return Through Ravenmoor

...a meeting between


The paltry number of horsemen was not enough to fill a company but it would have to do. They had traveled lightly and quickly to Ravenmoor, changing out tired horses where they could, with the urgency demanded for the situation. It could be any moment the stone giants would march down the storval stairs, chasing the heroes and freed kidnaps. The paladin Kree commanded the ragtag group of ex-adventurers, mercenaries, and other fool hardy or capable individuals to hold their horses as the dusk’s dim light began disappearing on their approach through the plains to the storval stairs outside of town. She motioned to two of the more capable adventures to join her. Her vision was not best, but she could see motion beyond the few hills of wavy grass. She asked the two riders to scout ahead before they broke for camp. Nervously she gave a prayer to Iomedea that her hero friends were safe. At the same time she worried about the potential of war and how ill prepared they were if that were to past.



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