Rise of the Runelords

The Defense

Disco Inferno

The shadows from a distance made their presence known with frantic shouts at the north wall. Z chanced a glimpse over the wall and was met with a near smash to the face by a large flying rock. Bleedyn took the opportunity to return fire drawing quickly and accurately, choosing one of the three grey skinned giants with a forceful arrow shot into the chest. Elsewhere, dire bears broke through the barriers to the east only to find Anna and Calmar in their path.

The cathedral bells sounded as the hurled stones continued to pound the gate announcing the arrival of a red dragon. Soon, the huge beast bellowed scorching blasts onto the defenseless towns people. Urgency being the new factor, the half orc inquisitor climbed the gate house with a madness in his eye and launched himself down onto the unsuspecting giant, rendering it in two. The remaining giant fled as the ranger continued to nail arrows into its backside.


The dire bear fell as its master rounded the corner. “Fluffy!” it croaked in an unusually high-pitched guttural voice. “I am Fluffy.” leveled the transformed ranger. Soon the dire bears were routed with their masters dead. Shouts and screams followed from the south, the brewery was under assault. That would have to wait as the red dragon let out another roar before raining further maelstrom upon the town.

“Magic Woman make me fly!” and with that the dragon was in retreat, a diversion to something more sinister in the works.



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