Rise of the Runelords

Look at All This Loot!

....and now devide it by 8 >.<

Loot from Hook Mountain (74250gp minus gems; add 19300gp Latamer’s gear)
(4) stonemist cloak 3500gp
ring of protection 2 8000gp*
strange music piece ?*
gems 1150gp
(5) +2 hide armor 3000gp
(5) +1 cloak of protection 1000gp
(5) campfire bead 750gp
+1 icy burst composite longbow (
4) (Latamer’s) 18300gp
Vambraces of Defense 6000gp
Gloves of Arrow Snaring 4000gp
Guantlet of Rust 11500gp*
+1 chain shirt (Latemer’s) 1000gp
Head Band of Vast Intellegent +2 4000gp
+2 shield cloak 3000gp*
spellbook (necromancy) 1st-4th

*gear acquired from the Shimmerglens
Will the group be returning Latamer’s remains to the Nymph? He might want to keep his stuff if he is reincarnated.

Black Arrow Gear raided from Hook Mountain (28800gp total)
(32) +1 arrows 3200gp
(12) +1 giant bane arrows 3600gp
+2 light fortification studded leather 9000gp
+1 longsword 2000gp
+1 composite longbow 2000gp
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 4000gp
Cloak of Elvenkind 2500gp
Boots of the Winterland 2500gp

Will the group return the Black Arrow gear to fort Rannick?

Eight member party split is 4640gp each once unloaded in Magnimar (add 1800gp if Black Arrow gear kept; add 1206gp if Latamer gear kept). Please confirm use of any of the items before next meeting.


And nobody forget that the Halfling ran off with all your gold before venturing to Hook Mountain.

Look at All This Loot!

I had the ring of protection +2, and if I can, I’d like that +2 shield cloak (that would give me a +3 shield bonus to my AC, right?)

Anna will want to return Latamer’s gear, and may offer spellcasting services to aid the fey, but I’m not buying her the diamond required to resurrect her dead lover.

I’m not sure about the black arrow gear, the black arrows irritate Anna, and I’m not certain how finders-keepers would fall in the chaotic-lawful line. I’ll think about it.

Look at All This Loot!

I have two questions. First: you mentioned something about gems. That kinda sounds familiar, where did we get them and were there any rubies or ruby dust?

Second: I was doing research for a gift Anna is crafting, and read that when a weapon is made magical you can choose to let it shed light as in the ‘light’ spell. I wasn’t certain of my source, so I looked it up on d20, and it says this:

“Light Generation: Fully 30% of magic weapons shed light equivalent to a light spell. These glowing weapons are quite obviously magical. Such a weapon can’t be concealed when drawn, nor can its light be shut off.”

So does that mean some of our magic weapons possibly glow? If they don’t for some reason, I can still make objects shed light with fake flames with some ruby dust, if some of you want glowing weapons.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the black arrow gear. I guess Anna is struggling with her conscious some.

Look at All This Loot!

Stuff the group might want to note:

Scath and some of the other sneaky characters might want to keep one of the Stonemist cloaks. Gives a sneak bonus when in rocky areas, and lets you cast obscuring mist 1/day. Anna has given up on being sneaky.

+2 Hide armor is medium, gives a +6 armor bonus (that’s how the +2 works right?), and a -2 check penalty, 20% arcane spell failure. I don’t know what everyone has, but that’s pretty good medium armor. I’d grab one, but I’m going for full-plate in one level. In fact, I’m buying full-plate in magnimar if I can.

We might want to keep 1 or 2 campfire beads for when we want to easily make a campfire.

If anyone wants to deflect or snatch arrows 1/day (only once per day), choose between the vambraces and the gloves. If you take the vambraces, remember they give a +1 deflection bonus to AC, so if you already have a +1 deflection bonus you might as well sell whatever is giving it to you. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it.

The Guantlet of Rust makes a non-magic metal item crumble into dust 1/day, provoking attacks of opportunity. Will this be able to affect magic weapons? If not, we might as well skip this.

Head Band of Vast Intelligence for anyone who wants a small boost to their intelligence. Like an Intelligence based spell caster.

I haven’t looked at the black arrow gear, since I don’t know if we will be returning it.

Look at All This Loot!

The magical hide armor is sized large but could be sold on the black market.

There were rubies and onyx gemstones.

We can roll a percentile dice to determine if your magical weapon sheds light.

I believe Calmar was looking at the headband of vast intelligence.

Look at All This Loot!

I’ll take some of those rubies to make ruby dust. I need 50 gp worth of ruby dust for the gift Anna is making. Will that lower the gemstones’ value by 50 gp?

I was actually thinking of Blydden and some of the others. They were talking a while ago about trying to get light on their weapons. I don’t know what came of that. How easy would it be to hide that light on a weapon without a sheath? I don’t think I want that on my long-spear or guisarme, and those are my only magic weapons.

Just a thought for the group: should we invite the black arrows to join us when we take the body back to the fey queen? Those two that invaded the fort with us might want to see his body before it’s buried or be there for the resurrection.

Look at All This Loot!

Wait a minute, if the Halfing stole our gold, how are we getting back?

Look at All This Loot!

What are the +1 cloaks of protection? I haven’t been able to find a description for these.

Look at All This Loot!

could I have the arrows?

Look at All This Loot!

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