Rise of the Runelords

A Day in the Unlife
...silent but deadly

Avazen stood in silence overlooking his latest mistake. The Azlanti lich had a tendency to lick his lips when he was thinking. The pruned flesh had cracked a thousand times that week to his thinking. Still, the latest monstrosity was not coming out as he had envisioned; it resembled so many of his previous undead minions that he began to doubt his lust for unlife. Frustrated, Avazen floated to the cabinet and retrieved his fraken berry cereal. The need to eat had long been gone but he found the thought of crunching on the sugar coated marshmellows cathartic. He mulled over the lack of milk for a while until he noted an unsettling peace pervading the chamber. The normal ranting of his minions could not be heard in echos. And the web of negative energy that was no longer, failed to keep his crypt at a crisp 72 degrees. Most unusual.

The lich set to finding out what could be wrong. He stepped through a window in space and was immediately greeted by stepping into the remains of his once hungry lab servant. “That is a shame.” He quickly ventured further to the battery harnessing the negative plane to find it removed and destroyed. “Well I cannot replace that. At least not on my budget.” He even found the lump of a clay golem at the bottom of the catacomb, the gem eyes missing. He knew the problem he was facing… adventurers. He quietly floated back to his lair to find the solution, symbol of weakness. When you positively, absolutely have to destroy every tomb robber in the vicinity. Accept no substitution. Now all he had to do was wait.

The Ravenous Crypt
Zee's Glutony

The Thassilonian mummies took quite a beating before falling down. Their aged appearance beguiled the strength behind every one of their bludgeoning fist. The group was undeterred however and quickly dispatched the crypt denizens. Adventuring further into the ancient tomb, they discovered the looted burial chamber of Thassilonian nobles. Looted not of gold but of bodies. The pathway forked into three routes. THe first investigation yielded a clay golem that Zee gleefully was able to dispatch with the right handful of spells. the second investigation uncovered a portal to the negative plane. Once destroyed, the party suffered the mitigated wrath of a nightwing. That left one route to find the gardener to the macabre desiccation and reclamation of the dead.


The gardener should have been a skilled surgeon of necromancy power. Zee concluded that it did not add up once they dispatched the dread zombie. It was just another pawn behind the true power, where ever that may be. Now Zee felt hungry.

A Riddle to Your Ryhme


The orc stood above the broken body of a woman. His head tilted curiously looking at the frail figure tempting to poke it with a stick. It was unusual to see any living thing at this elevation, much less so exposed to the elements. He motioned to the rest of his company beckoning them to investigate. Suddenly, the woman lurched upright screaming murder. Octook released his fist in suprised to her face, knocking her out once again. He had thought she was dead. I mean, he tried blowing through her nose and that did not wake her. “Taking to beating defenseless creatures again Octook,” a stern Orc approached through the snow. “It tried to…” Octook thought about his words. “Captain, it.” Octook was stopped. “Matters not, we have a job to do and you need to stop playing with animals,” the Captain paused looking at the woman. She could be useful he thought, so unusual to be out here the way she was. Perhaps she knew something about the dangers they faced in these mountains. “Well Octook, it may be we have someone to cook now,” the Captain rationalize. Octook let his confusion show, “You mean to cook her?” “No Octook, we mean to carry her until she recalls something useful… and perhaps she can make a better meal than you,” Captain clarified. “Octook confused, do you mean to cook me?” The Captain simply held his words back behind his shaking head. He needed experienced and stout stock that would listen to him but not smart enough to question him. Yet he wished he had invested in a few more Orcs who could hold a conversation beyond food.

The Scribbler's Rant


Zee was plesantly suprised how effective his breath weapon was against the demon. The massive creature flared into thousands of ashen peices onto Lamashtus sigil. Zee knew that his contribution was part of a much larger group effort. Still, it seemed entirely appropiate to gloat in front of the stunned Bledyn. Sadly, he was too tired to bring anything to mind. The rest of the group echoed the settiment as they called out to one another in the fog shrouded room. Slowly they found their way together to regroup.

There was deep concern amoung the group. They were warned by Anna that this encounter would prove more difficult than most. It seemed that stone giants were not the only enemies they needed to concern themselves with anymore. “It would be wise for us to leave this place and return when we are better suited,” the cleric recommended. Bledyn stood aback, “Hold up, if I just get some proper healing I can do this all again.” The rest of the group could feel the glare. “If I did not have to babysit a bunch of suicidal tomb-robbers bent on taking a much damage as they possibly can.” Zee leaned over to Calmar, “She called you a baby. Hehe.” “Oh, so the job is too tough for you.” “Try not to hit the big ugly with your face next time.” Anna quiped. The dread feeling of dying no longer filled her anger. It was the thought of failing and what stood at stake. She was not sure if all the others knew what a Runelords riegn would be. She had no intention of being unprepared next time. “Well…” Bledyn thought of his own reply.

As the party discussion continued, Argus stood watch with his magical fog cutting lense. Glancing between the doorway they came and the vile shrine he noted the lack of doors. He also did not understand why his sense of dirrection was so bad in this place. And there was always the sense of somebody standing in the corner of his eye, vanishing everytime he tried to catch a glipse. And the voice, “I told you not to trust her. She was too anxious to torture you. Tell me, what interest do you have in the runelord? I knew them once. Is everyone on the surface as clumsy and naive as your friends? I know that is not true. The guards before you proved easier fodder for the hounds. You are not thinking about leaving are you?” it whispered.

Argus turned to the group and commanded, “We should leave this place.” The group ceased their discussion long enough for the voice to whisper back to everyone, “Too late.” And Argus could see their escape through the fog slowly become encased in darkness. “Something wicked this way comes.” Argus gritted. Zee, being confused, blurted, “So we are not leaving?”

Turns out Holes are a pressing matter

Lamashtu_holy_symbol.jpg After the “heartfelt” reunion between the party and Kree And two brief introductions, the group was urged toward Sandpoint with rescued vagrants in tow.

The celebration In the Rusty Dragon was cut short for the heroes as more troubling news reached them through Father Zantus. Roughly the same time that the dreaded Mokmurian was slain, a sinkhole opened under a portion of Sandpoint Garrison after a rather vicious earthquake. Eight men were sent in to the tunnels under Sandpoint where the hole led. The only thing that came out were ghastly sounds and shrieks.

The severity of the situation was not taken lightly, but with a quick communion between Anna Sabel and her god Sarenrae, the party deemed that the threat could wait a few days as they went to recover and re-arm in Magnamar. They left one of their new acquaintances to guard the rift till the others returned.

The Communion proved true, and only sounds escaped the chasm. Argus Levinston led the way down into the dark, their way being paved with Lighted stones. When the party entered into an underground cathedral, only two remained to remember the great battle with a Quasit that transpired in this very room only a few months ago. The tunnels used to facilitate the Goblin raid on Sandpoint had changed. Deep cracks and seams tore through the walls of the tunnels. That, and a staircase that had previously been blocked by rubble was now blocked by thick spiderwebs.

After a quick fire, donated by the adventurers, consumed the webs, they journeyed on. It was noted that besides the webs, everything around this section had been thoroughly cleaned. The flight of stairs quickly and abruptly ended in a wall. Argus, however, cast about for hidden switches.

With a click and a grind, the clean wall slid to reveal another wall behind it, this time made of fog rather than rock. Afew lighted stones began to grace the room as the party threw in their pebbles and Argus slipped on his Fog-Cutting lenses. With a rope attached to him, he ventured into the room beyond.A long hall with pillars graced his sight, its walls carved with huge and small script alike, all in Thassilonian. What was more strange, however, was the whispers the room contained.

“Who are you” “Your worst nightmare, buddy.”

Argus tried to keep his air of bravado going untill a ghostly swish followed by the glint of a falchion slid above his head.

“Argus Levinston,” he replied with a gulp. “Who are you?” “I am the Scribbler. What has become of Thassilon?” “It fell thousands of years ago, after Earthfall.” “What power now rules?” “Varisia was disputed, but currently unruled.”

More questions followed in whispered tones as Argus continued. Soon he spied the end of the room, which held a dais in front of an image on the ground. It was later found that the image was a jakal with three eyes. Standing on the dais was a lone, human woman.

“Who are you?” Argus called, tugging the rest of the party along on the rope. “Come forward,” the woman said," and receive a reward for freeing us." “Do not trust her” Not heeding the whispers, Argus continued forward. “Why were you imprisoned here?” asked Argus. “We have only just arrived. Will you take your wish, or do you wish to ask more questions?” The woman seemed eager to be on her way. “Then as my wish, will you help us keep Runelord Karzoug from returning?” “Only if that helps the plans of our mistress,” she replied, almost smugly. “Is your Mistress Lamashtu?” The name hung in the air, almost floating in the fog. “ah, Lamashtu.”

with a wiff from the aether, the woman was gone. in her place hulked two Glabrezu. Their pincers clacked together like a chorus of hammers hitting anvils. with swift movements, battle commenced. At first, virtually no damage seemed to mar the twin demons, except the holy water tipping of Argus’s arrows. Soon, however, the massive strikes of Bleddyn and Anna Sabel . Zerelth used his summons to try to abate the clinging mist, yet it provd too strong. Gravity seemed to be on the side of the demons, as the party was flung up then down. During which one of our own tried to flee, but the path was blocked by a figure that could only be assumed was the Scribbler himself.

Alas, the day was won, as the first dropped, then another. After the fact, it was discovered that the Scribbler had vanished, and the heroes were left in a temple to Lamashtu.

The Return Through Ravenmoor
...a meeting between


The paltry number of horsemen was not enough to fill a company but it would have to do. They had traveled lightly and quickly to Ravenmoor, changing out tired horses where they could, with the urgency demanded for the situation. It could be any moment the stone giants would march down the storval stairs, chasing the heroes and freed kidnaps. The paladin Kree commanded the ragtag group of ex-adventurers, mercenaries, and other fool hardy or capable individuals to hold their horses as the dusk’s dim light began disappearing on their approach through the plains to the storval stairs outside of town. She motioned to two of the more capable adventures to join her. Her vision was not best, but she could see motion beyond the few hills of wavy grass. She asked the two riders to scout ahead before they broke for camp. Nervously she gave a prayer to Iomedea that her hero friends were safe. At the same time she worried about the potential of war and how ill prepared they were if that were to past.

The Defense
Disco Inferno

The shadows from a distance made their presence known with frantic shouts at the north wall. Z chanced a glimpse over the wall and was met with a near smash to the face by a large flying rock. Bleedyn took the opportunity to return fire drawing quickly and accurately, choosing one of the three grey skinned giants with a forceful arrow shot into the chest. Elsewhere, dire bears broke through the barriers to the east only to find Anna and Calmar in their path.

The cathedral bells sounded as the hurled stones continued to pound the gate announcing the arrival of a red dragon. Soon, the huge beast bellowed scorching blasts onto the defenseless towns people. Urgency being the new factor, the half orc inquisitor climbed the gate house with a madness in his eye and launched himself down onto the unsuspecting giant, rendering it in two. The remaining giant fled as the ranger continued to nail arrows into its backside.


The dire bear fell as its master rounded the corner. “Fluffy!” it croaked in an unusually high-pitched guttural voice. “I am Fluffy.” leveled the transformed ranger. Soon the dire bears were routed with their masters dead. Shouts and screams followed from the south, the brewery was under assault. That would have to wait as the red dragon let out another roar before raining further maelstrom upon the town.

“Magic Woman make me fly!” and with that the dragon was in retreat, a diversion to something more sinister in the works.

To Sandpoint!!
Part 2: The Heroes Arrive

Four unfortunate adventurers were feeling crowded. The last time there had been a mob in Sandpoint, the adventurers were nearly sold into slavery. Now they were being mobbed again, this time, as celebrated heroes who had returned. Children swarmed underfoot, shouting for the heroes to tell them about their adventures, and the heroes were forced to dismount, for fear of trampling the young-uns under the hooves of their nervous horses.

Four other adventurers watched the scene with amusement, pity, and aggravation. Anna, Calmar, Bleddyn, and Sonya hadn’t mentioned that they were such celebrities in Sandpoint. It didn’t look like they’d be able to make anyone listen to them any time soon. This left the job of trying to contact the officials in town up to the remaining members of the party, complete strangers to Sandpoint. Thorok looked impatiently back at the trapped heroes, before trying to make his way to the sheriff’s office, with Argus, Z, and Scath close behind.

Between all the shouting and hubbub, the trapped party members learned that a halfling bard had been spreading word throughout town that the Sandpoint Heros were returning, and each of the heroes found themselves very irritated. Swarmed through the streets, the heroes eventually found themselves in front of Mayor Deverin. The crowd quieted, and the heroes waited for the discussion of the incoming dragon attack to begin.

“Citizens of Sandpoint,” Mayor Deverin began, and the heroes stood solemnly. “The heroes have returned!” and crowd erupted.

The heroes tried to talk to the Mayor above the shouting, but she only seemed puzzled when they tried to ask about the dragon. Ushered towards the inn, Anna noticed Ameiko waiting, with a grin on her face.

“Ameiko, my friend, this is no time to celebrate.” Anna tried to grab her attention. “This is serious.”

Ameiko looked concerned, and she and Mayor Deverin ushered them into the quiet inn.
“What is this about a dragon?” Mayor Deverin was concerned.

“Didn’t…you hear… about it? We…tried to…send…word.” Calmar huffed.

“We found this note about an attack on Sandpoint.” Sonya, who had caught his breath, showed the note to the Mayor.

Mayor Deverin examined the note. “No, I haven’t hear anything about this. I’ll call together a few people, and we can have a meeting.” the Mayor’s voice was very grim.

“What do you mean, he’s on his honeymoon?” Thorok growled. “Didn’t you get our note?”

“Your note?” the deputy seemed confused. “Oh, you mean this note?” he pointed to the letter the party had sent.

“Yes, that note. Didn’t you read it?” Thorok demanded.

“Well, it’s addressed to Belor. Why should I open his mail?” the deputy said, self-righteously
“You didn’t think that maybe it was something urgent or anything?” Argus asked, incredulous. This mistake was going to make things difficult.

“Why should I?” the deputy had nothing but confusion written across his face. He was getting tired of being questioned by this strange group. If only he could go see the heroes, but he was stuck here, with all the odd sorts that were coming down from Magnimar.

“What is going on here?” demanded an alert women, who had entered the room. She carried a shield with a symbol of Iomedea, very clearly a Paladin.

“We are trying to figure out why this idiot here has….” Thorok paused as the sword was held towards him.

“Hands where I can see them.” the Paladin demanded.

“Look,” Thorok began as he held his hands out, “we’re not here to cause trouble. We are concerned that Sandpoint is in danger, and are frustrated that no one opened the letter we sent.” Thorok watched the Paladin think.

“We have friends in town who can vouch for us.” Z said, as the Paladin muttered something about evil and finding none.

She put away her sword “You better not cause any trouble.” she glared, as she sheathed her sword. “What friends might these be?”

“The Sandpoint Heroes” Argus replied simply.

“Oh, you mean Vriska and [[:aarohn-sharaghon | Aarohn] and the rest?” The Paladin looked excited. “They are in town?”

“Uhhh” Argus was stumped.

“Aarohn left shortly before we found you.” Scath explained to Argus. “You know that halfling that they’ve been looking for? That’s him. And Vriska vanished when we were in that swamp.”

At this point a townsman who had happened to drop by mentioned that the heroes had gone into the inn, with Mayor Deverin, and the other half of the party decided it best to rejoin them there, together with Kree Vancasherkin.

They arrived at the Inn, with the Paladin in tow, to find more chaos there. Bleddyn was arguing with the innkeeper (a woman named Ameiko) about a window or something, and Anna was trying to conciliate the situation. Sitting back and enjoying the show, Calmar and Sonya called out to the rest of the party as they came in. “Would you like to try some devil meat?”

It was at this point that Argus, Thorok, and Z all decided that they definitely regretted meeting these people. Seeing as they had saved Scath’s life, he merely regretted traveling with them this far. Nearby, Anna was trying to explain to Ameiko that the one who should pay for the window was the halfling Bleddyn had chased out of town, when she was interrupted by the shouts and guffaws from Calmar and Sonya. Even Kree chuckled at the strangers’ expense.

The Sandpoint Devil, as was later explained to the rest of the party, was quickly becoming the inns most popular meal, and Calmar and Sonya believed it would soon become a cultural mark for Sandpoint.

Kree was gladly welcomed back by the group. With Kree here, they were much more confidant in their abilities. They explained the situation to her, while Bleddyn repaired the window the halfling had broken, since he had chased the halfling out of town. Anna showed the group the bag of tricks they had taken from the halfling, but couldn’t explain what it did, she had never heard of one before. The agreement in the group was to sell it, take out what gold had been stolen from the group, then return the rest to the halfling. There was no pity felt for the halfling who had left them stranded in Turtleback with no money to try and get back to Sandpoint.

“Can you find anything on dragon weakness?”
“Let me take a note, I’ll look into when I get back to the bookshop.”
“What’s that guy doing here?”
“‘That guy’ is from one of Sandpoint’s oldest families. At a meeting of this kind, he must be here.”
“Are there any Catapult’s in town?”
“No, unfortunately.”
“If he’s here, I’m leaving.”
“Sit down, this is no time for grudges. I suggest we try looking in the lighthouse.”
“What good will finding the artifact do? We need to work on the town’s defenses.”
“Does anyone know how to build a Catapult?”
“The dungeon below the glass works will be the safest place for the townsfolk in the case of an attack, we need to get supplies and weapons down there. Can we get some boats at the shore?”
The meeting was pure chaos, but it finally boiled down to a few key points:

  • Researching the enemy and the artifact
  • Searching for the artifact
  • Preparing an escape route for the townsfolk
  • Finding the most effective weapons and preparing the defense
  • Scouting and watching for the approaching enemy

Anna recommended that Sonya and she prepare some water based spells, like Hydraulic Push and Control Water, in the case of a water based attack, but most of the concern was about that dragon, it could fly in from any direction it liked, and there wasn’t much they could do about it. The meeting eventually came to a close, and, since Mayor Deverin didn’t want the townsfolk to panic, everyone was careful to smile pleasantly at the celebration thrown in their honor that night.

“So I pushed my magic sword in at the weak spot in the shell, letting my spell flood into the strange scorpion’s spine. The scorpion shuddered, then exploded in blinding light, dropping Anna from it’s clutches.” The townsfolk looked at Calmar in awe, then turned to glance at Anna, who was dancing while the bard sang some cheerful ballad about a cat who defeated a dragon. Thorok and Argus were keeping to the sidelines, not too keen to be in the spotlight, but Z was enjoying the celebrations, off in some corner boasting of his mighty spells which had “saved us many times.” Scath, personally, was enjoying the meal. When he learned that it was actually made of pork or something, he had been convinced to try it, and had decided he liked the Sandpoint Devil. Bleddyn, for one, didn’t see the point. The town was in danger, and here they were dancing and singing like nothing was going on. This seemed, to him, a large waste of time. Sonya looked uncomfortable with the noise, preferring a quiet forest to a loud party.

There was a break in the music, and the bard called for the town’s attention. Then he began to chant. He started low, then rose to valiant shouts. It was, for lack of a better word, otherworldly. The strange song swelled with magic power, and all that stood and listened, felt themselves filled with the magic of the song. The strange-chant like style was something no one there had ever heard of before. The song told of several brave heroes, a master swordsman, a strong monk, a witch doctor, a bear-man, a magician, a sneaky-thief, a fiery cleric, a brave paladin. The song told of their brave adventures, defending Sandpoint from goblin attacks, exploring ancient ruins, and defeating the Sandpoint Devil. The bard finished, and a moment of silence reigned through the crowd (Sonya enjoyed the quiet), before the crowd erupted into cheers.

The party continued, many stories were told. Stories about rescuing Scath from the trolls, the spiderman that had preyed on Bleddyn, a girl whose lover had died, and had given her own life to save him, the horrid, terrifying monster that had attacked Turtleback. Late into the night, the adventurers celebrated with the townsfolk. In some way, Sandpoint had become a home to the Sandpoint heroes. This was their town, and they would defend it to their dying breath.

To Sandpoint!
Part 1: How to get there

Even the most rowdy members of the group stood quietly, as they watched the magical woman mourn for Lamatar Bayden. Time passed, and Anna, who moved forward a little, heard Myriana finish some kind of incantation. The party was stunned as they watched the woman, with one last kiss, disappear, as Lamatar began to gasp for breath.

The swamp seemed to glisten slightly. Lamatar and Myriana had been together, just for a fraction of a moment they had been side by side, and though Lamatar was now filled with sadness for his love, a sense of joy seemed to spread through the swamp. Her moment of love and happiness had brought a kind of light back to the forsaken and dead place, and it was once again alive, wounded, but alive.

Several days of tense and worried anticipation had left the party somewhat drained. Anna tiredly snapped her journal closed. She, the historian, had recorded the events surrounding Lamatar and the mysterious woman with great care. It was an endearing, if sad, story, and Anna felt some kind of importance behind the issue. She didn’t want their story to be forgotten and she didn’t want to forget why she was fighting this enemy. She moved out of the cabin, to the deck of the ferry, they would be arriving in Magnimar early tomorrow morning, and she wanted to divide the loot up to sell between trusted members of the party, so that they could move on to Sandpoint faster.

There were still so many questions they had, like why were the ogres destroying the dam or why were these snake people “harvesting greed”. Loudly in the ears of Bleddyn, Calmar Arundel and Anna Sabel, was resounding their promise to Vachedi, to find his sons’ remains, and they had meant to, but everything had been so hectic. Forts to take, ogres to attack, weird fairies to follow, they just hadn’t had the time yet. And now Sandpoint was about to be attacked, and they had to return quickly to defend it, with no news of the jailer’s son. So they had approached Lamatar to request that he keep an ear open among the woodland creatures for anything connected to a child who fell of off a slaver’s wagon. Anna shook her head, filled with guilt. Bleddyn especially had been determined to find the child, unusually optimistic. Perhaps the strange shoanti/bear man felt some kind of guilt for being so antagonistic to the jailer.

Anna turned as she heard a sniff behind her. The jolly halfling she had seen around on the ferry, was looking at the elven members of the party with some form of disgust.

He turned to Anna “I dislike elves.” he confessed.

“I’m not too fond of them myself.” Anna responded, thinking back fondly of the aggravating Vriska Serket. “I think it’s the way they keep their noses in the air.” and her hands in your coin purse, Anna mentally finished.

“No, no, it’s the smell, so strange.” the halfling assured her.

Anna smiled cheerfully, she was enjoying having a normal conversation, with no snake ladies, ogres, dragons, vanishing boats or the like. It was very relaxing, helping to calm her from the fears and anxiety she’d been feeling since they left Turtleback.

“You are a minstrel, I’ve heard.” Anna prompted.

The bard glowed, “Yes, I’m traveling to Sandpoint to meet the Heroes that killed the Sandpoint Devil, and saved them from the goblin attack.”

Anna froze.

The bard smiled “You wouldn’t happen to have seen them before, would you?”

“I..I met a couple when I was in Sandpoint last. A swordsman named Bad Bartigan.”

“That’s a great name.” The bard replied, writing it done quickly,

“There was also Brion Baeli,” Sonya commented from nearby. “He was a fine monk.”

“You mustn’t forget Jaigo Mongongwa, either.” from behind them, Bleddyn sighed sadly.

“Why are you looking for them?” Anna asked, nervously.

“Why to write their story in glorious song, of course.”

Anna hissed in pain, and the bard paused to stare at her.

“A bip ma tongue” she tried to explain, wincing at the stinging feeling.

This attracted the attention of Calmar and Argus, who had been looking at some of the magical items in their loot. After learning the halfling was a musician, they asked him to appraise a strange piece of music they had found. The halfling pinched his nose and said he would be happy to. Then he began to peruse the sheets of paper. It was very entertaining for the party.

After expressions of awe, wonder, and excitment had run across his face several times each, the halfling turned back to the group. “I’ll give you 2,000 gp for this.”

Bleddyn glowered with distrust “2,000 you say? This is obviously worth more.” he bluffed, hoping he was right.

The bard squirmed uncomfortably in front of the shoanti. “2,000 is all I have. You don’t understand. I need to play this. This is…is…otherworldly.”

Several members of the party, reflecting on where they had found it, were not surprised.

“We’ll need to get it appraised when we are in Magnimar.” Bleddyn held firm.

“You don’t understand,” The halfling persisted, as Bleddyn took the music back “this will be the greatest battle ballad this world has ever seen. You must let me play it.”

Anna patted him on the shoulder “We are headed to Sandpoint after our stop in Magnimar, so we will see you again. Perhaps I may be able to change his mind.”

The halfling looked hopeful. “I’m counting on you.” He paused “Where did you get it, anyway?”

“Oh, we just found it.” The brilliant scholar replied. She still hasn’t learned how to lie.

“Just found it?” The halfling was puzzled. “I see. I’ve noticed you are very well armed.” he raised an eyebrow curiously.

“Um, well you know, it can get rather dangerous traveling around, so it’s best to be prepared.” Anna responded hesitantly.

“I….see” The bard looked thoughtful, as he watched several of the party members pass around bags of loot. One happened to be open, and inside were a few ogre hooks.

As Anna left, he tried to recall what he had heard of the Sandpoint heroes. He looked back at Sonya sitting in a giant tree. Then he grinned excitedly.

The party’s stop in Magnimar was brief and less than legal. The least ethical members took the ogre hooks and large armor, in hopes of finding a similarly unethical buyer. The others split the rest of the gear, and went to sell it openly and honestly, finally meeting at a designated music shop. The menacing bear-man demanded an appraisal, and, grumbling, agreed to the fee.

The shopkeeper was less entertaining and more greedy-looking in his examination of the musical score. He turned to eye the warrior in front of him. “…500 gp, you won’t find anyone willing to buy it for more.” The party was surprised and suspicious.

“Tell us the truth, or you’ll regret it plenty fast.” Bleddyn cracked his fingers.

The shopkeeper tried to keep a brave front, but it didn’t look like any of the rest of the party would come to his aid. “Ok, look, I can’t tell, I’d need more time.”

Anna opened her mouth to demand their money back, but Bleddyn broke in first “How much time would you need?”

The shopkeeper kept a straight face, as he told them his estimate, but none of the party trusted him. To leave the music in his hands for however long they would be gone this time…the more polite ones thanked the shopkeeper for his time, as the group left, with their magic music.

Some last minute shopping, and it became clear they would need wait to depart to Sandpoint till the morning. They found an inn that would accept them, and began to discuss the situation over dinner.

“Let’s send a message to Sandpoint. We need to get them word as soon as possible.” Thorok insisted.

The rest of the party paused, why hadn’t they thought of that before. They agreed to send it to Belor Hemlock, the local sheriff, and quickly finished their dinner.

They finished saddling the horses as a feint glow began to spread in the east. They were well out of Magnimar when the sun rose. On the road to Sandpoint, eight worried adventurers rode into the sunrise.

Look at All This Loot!
....and now devide it by 8 >.<

Loot from Hook Mountain (74250gp minus gems; add 19300gp Latamer’s gear)
(4) stonemist cloak 3500gp
ring of protection 2 8000gp*
strange music piece ?*
gems 1150gp
(5) +2 hide armor 3000gp
(5) +1 cloak of protection 1000gp
(5) campfire bead 750gp
+1 icy burst composite longbow (
4) (Latamer’s) 18300gp
Vambraces of Defense 6000gp
Gloves of Arrow Snaring 4000gp
Guantlet of Rust 11500gp*
+1 chain shirt (Latemer’s) 1000gp
Head Band of Vast Intellegent +2 4000gp
+2 shield cloak 3000gp*
spellbook (necromancy) 1st-4th

*gear acquired from the Shimmerglens
Will the group be returning Latamer’s remains to the Nymph? He might want to keep his stuff if he is reincarnated.

Black Arrow Gear raided from Hook Mountain (28800gp total)
(32) +1 arrows 3200gp
(12) +1 giant bane arrows 3600gp
+2 light fortification studded leather 9000gp
+1 longsword 2000gp
+1 composite longbow 2000gp
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 4000gp
Cloak of Elvenkind 2500gp
Boots of the Winterland 2500gp

Will the group return the Black Arrow gear to fort Rannick?

Eight member party split is 4640gp each once unloaded in Magnimar (add 1800gp if Black Arrow gear kept; add 1206gp if Latamer gear kept). Please confirm use of any of the items before next meeting.


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