Somewhere in the Runeforge between a Devourer, Lich, and White Dragon the Symbol of Weakness read became our weakness.

Bad Bartigan – deceased because somebody thought it was a good idea to burn down the house
Aarohn Sharaghon – retired after shooting out a water cannon 200 feet
Brion Baeli – deceased by undead bear hug
Calmar Arundel – raised from the dead but having second thoughts
Anna Sabel – fire cleric warrior woman
Jaigo Mongongwa – deceased by failed UMD
Vriska Serket – missing in action (other plane)
Kree Vancasherkin – holding down the fort
Deg the Half-Wit – wondering where everybody disappeared
Scath – disappeared
Argus Levinston – another PITA
Thorok – disintegrated!
Zerelth – sleeps half the time, ahh the sweet life

Turtleback Ferry

The Story So Far
Master of the Fallen Fortress

Rise of the Runelords

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